Is this game (speedruns) dead?
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Is this game (speedruns) dead?

I don't really understand what you mean. If you mean if WR is dead or not, well not really. And even if it was dead, maybe it's just me but I would not post a thread about it.

Maryland, USA
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5 years ago

Even if the WR is dead, the game is not. While I have moved on to other speedgames, this was a great first speedgame for me because it has easy tricks and glitches to execute. It is also my favorite game casually. I would recommend this game as a first speedgame because it is both very easy and very fun!

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New Hampshire, USA

After looking at the statistics of this game I found that the latest run is from 2 days ago. So this game is DEFINETLY not dead.

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I actively ran this game since September 2017 when not many people ran it. Even if people don't run it much anymore it doesn't make it a 'dead' game.

And if you're not enjoying runs then I made a bingo for this game recently:

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