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I own the game for every console, but the only original hardware I have is a PS2. Would a run played on a Wii or 360 be accepted? Would I have to submit it as an emulator run? Having played the game casually on both I can say each felt fine, but I know 360 emulation isn't the best. As far as I know Wii playing GameCube games is 1:1. I guess this question also applies to playing on a PS3, even if I don't have one.


As long as the hardware is official and you're using an actual disc, playing on those consoles is fine. You don't need to submit them as emulator runs. Just submit them as what version of the game you're playing. For example, if you play the gamecube version on a wii, submit as "Gamecube", same for xbox version on xbox 360. I don't see why ps3 would be any different either
I play the xbox version on 360 myself


Speedy reply, thanks. I would prefer to play the Xbox version on 360 since it would make it easier for me to capture.

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