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Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1Cairo2m 27s 709ms2m 27s 709ms
2Start Episode 1
4m 00s 215ms6m 27s 924ms
3Line Check2m 04s 858ms8m 32s 782ms
4Breaking and Entering2m 57s 444ms11m 30s 226ms
5Bug Dimitri's Office2m 17s 144ms13m 47s 370ms
6Follow Dimitri3m 17s 447ms17m 04s 817ms
7Waterpump Destruction2m 01s 111ms19m 05s 928ms
8Silence the Alarms2m 19s 646ms21m 25s 574ms
9Moonlight Rendezvous2m 50s 562ms24m 16s 136ms
10Theater Pickpocketing2m 35s 289ms26m 51s 425ms
11Disco Demolitions2m 00s 304ms28m 51s 729ms
12Operation: Thunder Beak5m 39s 531ms34m 31s 260ms
13Start Episode 22m 53s 258ms37m 24s 518ms
14Recon the Ballroom2m 51s 732ms40m 16s 250ms
15Lower the Drawbridge3m 42s 450ms43m 58s 700ms
16Steal a Tuxedo3m 29s 292ms47m 27s 992ms
17Battle the Chopper1m 12s 170ms48m 40s 162ms
18Dominate the Dance Floor4m 08s 563ms52m 48s 725ms
19RC Bombing Run1m 57s 245ms54m 45s 970ms
20Elephant Rampage2m 54s 620ms57m 40s 590ms
21Boardroom Brawl4m 12s 612ms1h 01m 53s 202ms
22Operation: Hippo Drop6m 43s 170ms1h 08m 36s 372ms
23Start Episode 31m 41s 896ms1h 10m 18s 268ms
24Spice Room Recon1m 53s 547ms1h 12m 11s 815ms
25Freeing the Elephant3m 48s 119ms1h 15m 59s 934ms
26Water Bug Run1m 38s 227ms1h 17m 38s 161ms
27Leading Rajan2m 28s 366ms1h 20m 06s 527ms
28Blow the Dam2m 39s 618ms1h 22m 46s 145ms
29Neyla's Secret4m 23s 114ms1h 27m 09s 259ms
30Rip-off the Ruby3m 21s 334ms1h 30m 30s 593ms
31Spice Grinder Destruction3m 51s 405ms1h 34m 21s 998ms
32Operation: Wet Tiger
6m 19s 392ms1h 40m 41s 390ms
33Start Episode 44m 06s 013ms1h 44m 47s 403ms
34Eavesdrop on Contessa3m 17s 613ms1h 48m 05s 016ms
35Train Hack4m 27s 790ms1h 52m 32s 806ms
36Wall Bombing1m 59s 879ms1h 54m 32s 685ms
37Code Capture3m 44s 187ms1h 58m 16s 872ms
38Lightning Action2m 48s 755ms2h 01m 05s 627ms
39Close to Contessa1m 36s 719ms2h 02m 42s 346ms
40Big House Brawl
3m 07s 524ms2h 05m 49s 870ms
41Disguise Bridge
2m 54s 932ms2h 08m 44s 802ms
42Operation: Trojan Tank9m 43s 210ms2h 18m 28s 012ms
43Start Episode 52m 21s 215ms2h 20m 49s 227ms
44Know Your Enemy4m 13s 611ms2h 25m 02s 838ms
45Ghost Capture
4m 38s 238ms2h 29m 41s 076ms
46Kidnap the General
2m 46s 655ms2h 32m 27s 731ms
47Mojo Trap Action
9m 04s 603ms2h 41m 32s 334ms
48Tank Showdown2m 28s 967ms2h 44m 01s 301ms
49Stealing Voices5m 18s 871ms2h 49m 20s 172ms
50Crypt Hack5m 14s 168ms2h 54m 34s 340ms
51Operation: High Road11m 19s 714ms3h 05m 54s 054ms
52Start Episode 62m 42s 415ms3h 08m 36s 469ms
53Cabin Crimes4m 10s 084ms3h 12m 46s 553ms
54Spice in the Sky4m 19s 246ms3h 17m 05s 799ms
55A friend in Need6m 03s 507ms3h 23m 09s 306ms
56Ride the Iron Horse1m 49s 215ms3h 24m 58s 521ms
57Aerial Assault3m 37s 998ms3h 28m 36s 519ms
58Bear Cub Kidnapping3m 05s 236ms3h 31m 41s 755ms
59Theft on the Rails1m 41s 154ms3h 33m 22s 909ms
60Operation: "Choo-Choo"4m 55s 478ms3h 38m 18s 387ms
61Start Episode 72m 06s 129ms3h 40m 24s 516ms
62Recon the Sawmill3m 20s 727ms3h 43m 45s 243ms
63Laser Redirection
4m 16s 767ms3h 48m 02s 010ms
64Bearcave Bugging2m 58s 161ms3h 51m 00s 171ms
65RC Combat Club2m 56s 958ms3h 53m 57s 129ms
66Old Grizzle Face3m 34s 898ms3h 57m 32s 027ms
67Lighthouse Break In2m 22s 338ms3h 59m 54s 365ms
68Thermal Ride2m 54s 999ms4h 02m 49s 364ms
69Boat Hack5m 25s 984ms4h 08m 15s 348ms
70Operation: Canada Games
11m 43s 367ms4h 19m 58s 715ms
71Start Episode 82m 01s 152ms4h 21m 59s 867ms
72Blimp HQ Recon3m 47s 131ms4h 25m 46s 998ms
73Bentley/Murray Team Up5m 42s 797ms4h 31m 29s 795ms
74Murray/Sly Tag Team3m 19s 464ms4h 34m 49s 259ms
75Sly/Bentley Conspire2m 36s 409ms4h 37m 25s 668ms
76Charged TNT Run3m 55s 688ms4h 41m 21s 356ms
77Mega-Jump Job2m 42s 940ms4h 44m 04s 296ms
78Carmelita's Gunner4m 27s 512ms4h 48m 31s 808ms
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