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Thread: Super Metroid Multi-Category Tournament 2020

Started by: sloaters27sloaters27

Sign ups for the Super Metroid Multi-Category Tournament 2020 are now open! Players of all skill levels are encouraged to join! The tournament will consist of a swiss stage followed by a top 16 bracket (best of 3, single elimination). Additionally, Mega Cat Studios and Bawls Guarana will be jointly sponsoring the tournament and together provide a $750 prize pool to be split between the top 8 participants in the tournament. Check the tournament spreadsheet for more information/rules:

Signup: https:/​/​tiny.​cc/​smtourneysignup
Tournament Discord server: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​ZkudS2K
Tournament Spreadsheet: http:/​/​tournament.​supermetroid.​run/​

Anyone interested in commentating and/or tracking triple bingo races should fill out the same sign up form!

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Thread: Super Metroid DAB Tournament 2019

Started by: sloaters27sloaters27

Signups are now open for the 2019 Super Metroid DAB Tournament, which will commence on May 13th. You can signup for the tournament here: . The spreadsheet can be found here: . Full rules for the tournament can be found in the tournament spreadsheet. You can join the tournament Discord using this link: . Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to compete!


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Thread: Beginner

Started by: SaltDevil_SaltDevil_

Depends how much work you want to put in and how far you want to eventually take it. My big goal when I started was sub hour which took some time. But many of my first times were around 90 minutes, so I made other little goals at 80 minutes, 70 minutes etc.

Regardless any progress is always rewarding, but you’ll probably get a good idea of what you want once you start running a bit 🙂

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Thread: SD2Snes

Started by: AzumarillAzumarill

Yes, as long as you use the vanilla ROM


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Thread: Super Metroid Rando League

Started by: sloaters27sloaters27

Sorry for the short notice:

A few people of the Super Metroid community have come together to organize a new format for the Randomizer enthusiasts among you. We introduce to you: "The Super Metroid Rando League" How does it work? Very simple! You just fill out this signup sheet and join this discord until October 28th 8pm EDT and you successfully joined. What now expects you is one randomizer race per week for a span of roughly 4 months. Every week you will race a different person (League might be split up into random divisions based on entry numbers). The best players get to join the playoffs. We will stick to one randomizer mode during the season (We made a custom varia preset that is similar to the total tournament rando called Season_Races)

Pls only sign up if you are willing to invest the time to make it a fun experience for everyone. Its only one race per week so it should be well manageable. All playoff games will be restreamed by SG, regular games will be covered either by SG, private restreams or wont be restreamed at all (The focus on this is mostly the races, less the show). For any more questions about points, divisions, organizations, help, etc.. check out the discord. Also pls share this with your friends. This is all about fun and good races.

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Thread: Super Metroid Any% Tournament 2018

Started by: sloaters27sloaters27

Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this tournament. Signups will close at midnight Eastern on Saturday 14th July, with the tournament officially starting on 16th July. Entrants will have 5 weeks to defeat all 4 of their opponents in their respective groups, with the top 2 participants from each group progressing to a single elimination round. Groups will be ranked by number of wins, tie breakers will be solved by their MEDIAN race time, meaning their best and worst time will be disregarded, and an average of their 2 remaining times will be used for their overall time. In order to make the group stage less predictable PARTICIPANTS WILL BE FULLY RANDOMIZED INTO GROUPS!!! This means that it will be entirely luck-based who will be in the same group as you. By signing up to this tournament you understand and agree to this.

More information and signups can be found at:

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Thread: Super Metroid Multi-Category Tournament 2018

Started by: sloaters27sloaters27

The Super Metroid Multi-Category Tournament is now open for registration! Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to compete! Signups will close on February 11th, with the tournament officially starting on February 12th. Entrants will have 7 days to complete each of their matches. To participate in the tournament it is required that you join the Discord server. (invite: ) Near the start of the tournament we will be confirming participation on Discord. Discord will be used to communicate with players and schedule races. A submission form with corresponding spreadsheet will be made available to submit and display your scheduled times during the tournament. A link to the spreadsheet will be posted to challonge once it becomes available.

The tournament will be swiss format with each match being 1 race. Match pairings for the first round will be determined by seeding which will be done according to SRL rankings on the Super Metroid leaderboard. Seeding is determined on the day of the signup cutoff (Feb 11th), so you have until then to increase your SRL ranking and improve your seed should you wish to do so. Runners that are not ranked on the SRL Super Metroid leaderboard will be randomized and placed at the bottom of the seeding.

After 5 rounds (which may change depending on the amount of entrants) the top 8 will be seeded into a single elimination bracket for the finals.

This is a multi-category tournament. The category for each match will be randomly selected from a pool of 5 categories after each player vetos one option. The category pool is: any%, 100%, GT Classic, All Miniboss RTA, and Double Anti Bingo. For the top 8 rounds 14% Ice and RBO will be added to the category pool. The process for selecting the category will occur after both racers have entered the race but before they are .ready.

More details and signups can be found at:

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Thread: Super Metroid Racing

Started by: NinjaofsortsNinjaofsorts

There is an any% race every Friday night at 9 PM and 11 PM EST, and every Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm EST through
That should help get you started in making an account.

Also you can join the discord server and ask around if you want to find others to race. There is a link for an invite on here: