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Thread: Super Smash Bros. Melee leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

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New Update: Level Leaderboard

The leaderboards for the individual levels have been cleaned up. The “In-game time” slot has been removed from the boards to make them look neater and make the records accurate/consistent. We will still use the IGT/on screen time for ranking our times, but it will now show up under “Real time.”

From now on when you submit your times for Event Match, Target Test, 10-Man Melee, and 100-Man Melee, make sure you put your time in the time slot that just says “Time,” and not the one that says “In-game time.” The timing methods for all of the Full-game Leaderboards will stay the same.

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Thread: Sekanor

Started by: SpielproSpielpro

If you do decide to have more verifiers/mods in the future for SSF/SSF2, I could help. I have a lot of free time as well, and check the site very often. I'm a mod for Melee, so I'm trustworthy. 🙂


Forum: Project M

Thread: All-Star & Boss Battles: In-Game Time?

Started by: HelixHelix

I completely agree with changing All-Star and Boss Battles to IGT. I have no preference when it comes to Classic.

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Thread: Break The Targets moved to Misc.

Started by: TechTech

I think that's a good change. Makes the leaderboards look neater in my opinion.

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Thread: Category Rules

Started by: GameguySDGameguySD

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I see both sides. I do think at the very least a new category should be added. We could call it NG++, or maybe NG+ (Level 99) and re-name the current NG+ - NG+ (Level 1)? I'd like to have some sort of category in which you can use however high of a level character you want to play through normal mode. You'd have to do every required level, of course. There would also be no skipping ahead to shops and stuff that normally wouldn't be accessible at that point.

Maybe this is just me, but I also think quitting out of the level early (when the stats come up) shouldn't be allowed in this new category, either. It wouldn't seem right.


Forum: Castle Crashers

Thread: Category Rules

Started by: GameguySDGameguySD

^ Spot-on. Also, one thing I would like to see added would be a character slot in the submission. The "DLC Yes or No" seems completely unnecessary, too. This could be easily fixed with the replacement of this column with a character column.

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