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Thread: No Ladder Glitch Category

Started by: DMBiggsDMBiggs

That's a horrible analogy, BrotherAdams. The difference between completing everything and just doing the fastest route is a lot more than just 1 small glitch. Ladder glitch or no ladder glitch, this is still Any%. Making seperate categories for the 2 would be super arbitrary. It would be more like having an "11 Exit", and an "11 Exit No Orb/Cloud Glitch" in SMW. Pointless. This is what category extensions pages are for, not main boards.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: Miis

Started by: ScaleSunsScaleSuns

The game doesn't let you use Miis for Classic Mode.

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Forum: Crackdown

Thread: Time Trials?

Started by: slippy318slippy318

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Is it possible for an individual level leaderboard for the Time Trials to be added? They could be ranked by in-game time. It could be a cool way to add some more variety and friendly competition to this game. There's so few categories as it is.


Forum: Mario Combat

Thread: What should the official name for "the glitch where punching/kicking in the air for extra speed" be

Started by: PepsiPepsi

It's not a glitch. It's simply taking advantage of a game mechanic. You're timing your jump to preserve momentum. The game is still working as intended.


Forum: Super Chick Sisters

Thread: The PC .exe version seems to be running about 10% faster than the Web .swf version.

Started by: MeesterTweesterMeesterTweester

Thank you for letting everyone know that. That's pretty interesting. When I had done my runs, I just did them on the downloaded version cause I just assumed it would be faster, but I never did any testing. It's good to know I was correct.

It just sucks I did my run on a crappy cam software that has no sound and froze towards the end. I would like to improve it at some point.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Level Leaderboard - Runs needs fixing

Started by: NordanixNordanix

Thanks nordanix! I'll get these fixed right away.

I'm gonna ask ask PokemonMaster if we can add you as a mod for this game. We're in need of more active mods.

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Forum: N+

Thread: playing the game zoomed in vs no zoom

Started by: chewchewchewchew

Thanks for testing that. I'll remember it if I ever decide to do runs again.


Forum: Mario Kills Tanooki

Thread: Potential Meme Catagory

Started by: SizzylSizzyl

Oof. I never saw this forum you posted. Sorry. But you're welcome. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: 4:54?

Started by: FreddyMasonFreddyMason

Technically, yes. A 4:54 is possible without the "simultaneous left+right" that isn't possible on the original hardware, so a human theoretically achieve it.
Here is a human theory TAS:


Forum: BattleBlock Theater

Thread: Is contoler competively viable?

Started by: live4lifelive4life

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It all comes down to personal preference, above all else. You can learn to play at the top level on either. Certain directional inputs on keyboard are easier, though. Spike jumps, for example, are a little more consistent, but there's not a huge difference overall. Play with whatever you're comfortable with.


Forum: Super Smash Flash 2

Thread: Wr times

Started by: ChildSafetyStrapChildSafetyStrap

Good question. You're actually the first person to bring this up.

This mainly had to do with changes in moderation. The rules for Break The Targets were created before I came around, and we never changed them. I'm the one that added 10 and 100 Man Melee, and thus made the rules for them. We definitely need videos for WRs of these modes, since they're longer, RNG based, and WRs without videos are less believable.

I wouldn't be opposed to adding the WR video rule to Break The Targets going forward. I suppose we'd just make it not affect the runs already up. I'd like to hear more opinions on this.


Forum: Super Smash Flash 2

Thread: Updates to the game

Started by: siccriccsiccricc

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This game gets updated pretty often. There have been 4 versions of Beta so far, and a new one coming soon. It would be unfair and a ton of work to remove all previous version runs each time the game updates. It would also but a ton of work and make the boards extremely cluttered to add new categories every time.

What we're doing currently to make things easy and fair for everyone is allowing any version. So any run under a "Beta" category can use any version of Beta that's been released (1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, and 1.1 at the moment). Luckily, past versions of the game are saved and archived for anyone to download after they're obsolete.

This may not be the best solution, and it may change in the future. I've thought about what else to do about this, but I can't really think of anything better right now. Any suggestions would be welcome, and would be taken into consideration.


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Is 20XX allowed for runs?

Started by: NicroNicro

I agree with Pokemonmaster.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Runs removed for a rule that doesn't exist.

Started by: TitansharkTitanshark

I have nothing else to say. Any future runs with any suspected usage of savestates, or any mods for that matter, will be rejected. We might end up going back to not allowing emulator runs if this problem persists...

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Runs removed for a rule that doesn't exist.

Started by: TitansharkTitanshark

I have nothing personal against you but you're making it personal...

titanshark: there is no rule about that but okay
titanshark: You should definitely state that in the rules because it's not there
titanshark: Thanks for blasting like 7 of my runs.
titanshark: For a rule that does't exist
titanshark: You're such a good mod dude
titanshark: You have bad night buddy? You can't just make up fucking rules
titanshark: Just because you play on a shitty ass Wii that can't save states
titanshark: whatever I am still WR holder I can't believe you man
titanshark: that's outrageous man
titanshark: you can't say something is not allowed when it isn't in the rules
titanshark: You are such an asshole dude. No one wants to run this stupid fucking game anyways.
titanshark: Be sure to actually have clear rules next time you absolute loser
titanshark: that's pretty disgusting dude but whatever
titanshark: enjoy modding a dying game
titanshark: with no community
titanshark: ill be taking down all of my runs because you're such a fucking douchebag
titanshark: its not in the rules
titanshark: You got mad that you can't get any good times. So you took down my WR.
titanshark: You need to add that "rule" to the actual list of rules
titanshark: I will be seeing if i can overrule you man. You're a real jerk for doing this.
titanshark: You're just jealous man. Very sad to see. You should just try and improve or get and emulator running rather than deleting my runs and calling me a cheater
titanshark: I'm gonna see if i can ovverule you. You're an asshole and making up rules that you know aren't tehre
titanshark: So we'll see how this goes for ya
titanshark: You can't just get salty and make up rules Slippy
titanshark: Sorry dude
titanshark: at least your 2nd place again even tho you're trash LUL
titanshark: gratz Slippy!
Today, 9:31:30 AM
titanshark: at least other people will see how corrupt you are on the forums now.
titanshark: hopefully i can save some people from trusting you
titanshark: he who makes up rules on the spot LUL
titanshark: don't come into my stream again dude.
titanshark: you'll be banned on the spot
titanshark: Delete Ian's record then you'll finally have WR
titanshark: Might as well considering you had no right to take down my run
titanshark: and its the only way you'll ever be #1


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Runs removed for a rule that doesn't exist.

Started by: TitansharkTitanshark

It's not explicitly stated in the rules, but using save-states is not allowed... across any speedrun. That either makes the run segmented or tool-assisted (or both depending on the game/mode). Save states make it not a legit run. It makes it so you know whats coming so there's no challenge, and gives an obvious advantage over actual console runs.

I can't believe I have to explain all this. I guess I do need to add it to the rules. Your runs aren't going back up, though. We're not accepting any runs with any kind of cheating, intentional or not. I talked to other mods and they agree with me.

I would've given you the benefit of the doubt and thought it was unintentional, but seeing all the rude comments you sent me on Twitch and the terrible way you've handled all of this, it's made me think otherwise.

Do it again and you're gonna end up getting banned from the site.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Issues with the Level Leaderboards

Started by: NordanixNordanix

(edited: )

No problem. We're always willing to hear feedback, and possibly take it into consideration if it's agreed apon.

I just hope this doesn't deter anyone from submitting runs. It's nothing personal against people like Kaneda_Charles. We were actually gonna keep his runs up (except the the 1st place ones), but not allow runs like that going forward. Looks like he himself ended up deleting them all.


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Issues with the Level Leaderboards

Started by: NordanixNordanix

(edited: )

As for Kaneda Charles's runs, they've been removed. He was a trusted member of the community, but we can't continue to make exceptions for people. Rules are rules.

Once again, thank you for the input. I'll be discussing all these things with the other mods more in depth, and more changes will be coming in the future.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Issues with the Level Leaderboards

Started by: NordanixNordanix

(edited: )

Hey, nordanix, thank you for giving your feedback and opinions on this matter. We appreciate all the input. Now to address these issues.

The runs from Ravenyte and pyh189 are legit. Videos of their times exist, they just haven't been linked on the site yet. This has been the case long before I became a mod of this game. It's something I've been meaning to do, but just haven't gotten around to it because of how busy my personal life has been lately. This will be one of the 1st things I'll change. I'm gonna make sure all their runs are linked.

As for the RTA vs IGT issue, I know it's a problem. The leaderboards were cluttered with submissions that were in 1 or the other. I recently changed it to make it so they all appeared under 1 timing slot, with the intention of taking off the IGT slot, making it so there's only 1 submission area that just says "Time." However, I wasn't sure how to do this without making all the IGT times across the entire game go away, so I didn't try for fear of messing the whole game up. For now, the easy fix will be to state in the rules how to submit runs. I will have to change all the times to In-Game-Time in the future if this continues to be a big issue.

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Forum: Super Smash Flash 2

Thread: lag?

Started by: SklitterbeerSklitterbeer

The game does that for everyone, even on the best PCs. You have to close the game out every so often and reload it for it to run smoothly again.

McLeod Gaming is gonna fix this in the next major update they're gonna do for the game.