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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Super Smash Bros. Melee leaderboard changelog

Started by: Pokemonmaster888Pokemonmaster888

SukeSJ has been added as a moderator. He's been a mod on our Category Extensions page for a while now, and has done a great job. I decided to add him here as well.


Forum: Toree 3D

Thread: How are ILs timed?

Started by: slippy318slippy318

I'm confused on how IL runs are timed. A run will be 8 seconds IGT, but say it's 7.100 on the site, for example.

So would this run be 6 something?

Sorry about the bad quality. I have a capture card, but no working PC at the moment. 🙁

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

I'd like to be made a Super Mod on Super Smash Bros Crusade.

I am already a Mod for this game, however, the 1 Super Mod (Dracobat10) has been inactive for 2 years, and has cut ties with everyone from the community. It is impossible to contact him. I'd like to be able to add new mods to the game.

Thank you.


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: New Speedrun category - All characters and stages unlocked

Started by: davidvkimballdavidvkimball

It could be, but that would require us to remove the character variable for all "Full Game" categories, and make character variables for each other full game category individually. In short, it would be a major pain as far as leaderboard editing goes if we did that.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Thread: Make sure the whole run is in the video

Started by: JaaayJaaay

I'll add onto this that there have also been some runs that end on the frame you kill Master Hand, or the frame before. To be on the safe side, let the recording go on a little bit longer after killing the boss, so that your run has a clear beginning AND ending for proper timing.

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Forum: Super Mario Sunshine

Thread: Super Mario Sunshine (3d All Star Version)

Started by: TetraSmashBoxTetraSmashBox

Faster loads, less lag frames. The biggest drawbacks are no notches on the controller, fludd spraying slower, and jump/talk being on the same button. Overall the 3das version is faster from what I understand.

3D All-Stars has its own leaderboard where that version of the game is tracked.

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Forum: Crystal Clear

Thread: Warp Glitch In One Badge Glitched?

Started by: slippy318slippy318

Oh. lmao
Well. Thank you.


Forum: Crystal Clear

Thread: Warp Glitch In One Badge Glitched?

Started by: slippy318slippy318

Was just wondering how to do the warp glitch in the One Badge Glitched category, as I'm interested in possibly running it. Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm new to this hack.

It isn't as simple as just making your character all black, right?


Forum: Scratchnapped

Thread: Discord Server


For anyone else viewing this thread, idk if the discord invite in the thread stayed permanent or not, but there is a permanent discord link in the side-bar on the left. Click that one.


Forum: Scratchnapped

Thread: Discord Server


^ Link to the server Pizza made a while back. Never realized I forgot to link it here. Whoops. As you can tell, I take moderation of this game a lot less seriously than my other games. lol


Forum: Scratchnapped

Thread: Verifier role

Started by: Bob-chickenBob-chicken

I'd be down with making Yeti and West mods if you guys are cool with it. Your timings are accurate.

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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Thread: Apparatus Storage

Started by: slippy318slippy318

(edited: )

I deleted them so this thread can die and I don't piss off more people. What was meant to be just a discussion turned into an argument and flame war that was going nowhere and not productive.

Me, Dovakine, and Tettal discussed this briefly in Dovakine's stream. We all apologized and admitted we got too worked up. There seems to be no hard feelings as far as I can tell.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee Category Extensions

Thread: Question

Started by: TMLinkTMLink

Using 20XX mods and/or C-Stick for single player modes.


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Thread: hi there

Started by: Mino64Mino64

Use the vanilla version of the game. No mods.


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled

Thread: Difficulties

Started by: slippy318slippy318

Hey everyone. Just wanted to make a quick post to say I cleaned up the leaderboards a bit. Instead of each individual difficulty being a main category, I made the main categories Solo and Co-op, with each difficulty being a sub-category. It should look a lot nicer now and be more user friendly.

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Forum: Super Smash Flash 2

Thread: SSF2 Opinion Survey

Started by: slippy318slippy318


^ This link will take you to a survey of your opinions on SSF2 made by the devs. It's about past and future decisions regarding development. Results from this may impact the future development of the game.

If you want to possibly affect new character additions, re-sprites, mechanic changes, etc, please fill it out. It only takes a few minutes.


Forum: Super Smash Flash 2

Thread: New Version New leader board

Started by: nablue259nablue259

Sora isn't that different, to be honest it's mainly just the fair, but most uses of the fair can just be replaced with bair to get the same result. I did talk about this with the src discord community for SSF2, btw. They pretty much unanimously agreed with me that we shouldn't make new categories/boards.

Also, flash dying doesn't affect downloaded games, mainly just browser stuff. Downloaded versions of all the past patches are pretty easy to find. Just google the version name followed by zip or rar.