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Seriously, it was a mistake from a year ago and I had literally no idea on whether the TAS was actually optimized. Back then I was a bad speedrunner, and I don't even do speedrunning anymore, but I check up on speedrunners and looked here to see that people are still causing full on flame wars.
That TAS was, as far as I know, the best TAS at the time, and the TAS that beat the human record was not made until a decent amount of time after the debate had started. This game has not been active in forever, the last actual run was submitted 2 months ago and there were probably a total of 5 active people on the forums before the youtubeman situation. After the post on reddit, the forums absolutely exploded with back-and-forth flaming between each party. And keep in mind I was not the sole decision-maker here: there were other people that I talked to during this that also believed that it was a fake run, sped up in some way, or something.
I hope this cleared things up.
TL;DR: Mistake on my part caused forums to blow up, people are still posting about it to this day, and I've learned my ways
PS youtubeman: I've already said this to you before after the debate originally ended, but I am sorry for the misunderstandings of the past. The r/Speedrun post you made was still getting attention to this day, and I forgive you for it.
PS everyone else: The mistake was noticed and the run was published months ago, and I have learned for myself that the run was real, so there is literally no need to keep this up. Just saying.

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