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Forum: ToeJam & Earl

Thread: Updates to rules

Started by: slabslab

New Emulator Options:
- Emulator-specific notes have been added to "Game Rules" instead of being repeated in each "Category Rules" section
- We're now allowing Genesis Plus GX and BlastEm, as these seem generally accepted by other Genesis boards. This provides more options for users of OS X and Linux, where Fusion is unavailable.
- For submissions from emulator, please note the name and version of the emulator used. (This does mean that if you continue playing on Fusion, then adding "Fusion 3.64" in your submission text is a new requirement for you.)

Nintendo Switch clarification:
- Nintendo Switch users now have two ways to play: the SEGA Genesis Classics version (essentially the same version as X1/PS4/Steam) or Nintendo Switch Online. This needs to also be noted, since the "Switch" platform is otherwise ambiguous.

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Forum: ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth

Thread: Game Rules

Started by: slabslab

I'm currently allowing both original disc runs and runs from HDD (on modded consoles) for this game. Some initial evaluation suggests that load times are not considerably improved when running from HDD, and Xbox disc drives aren't going to last forever. I do want to require submissions to declare which they're on, in case we need to split disc vs. installed in the future.

Emulator runs are currently not allowed, but if an Xbox emulator manages to get to the point where it can acceptably run this game I'm willing to reevaluate this rule.

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Forum: ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

Thread: Questions about running this game. Please help!

Started by: Meneldur19Meneldur19

There is a ToeJam and Earl Speedrun Community discord; it consists mostly of TJ&E1 and TJ&E:BitG runners. It's linked-to off of the series page and the pages for those two games, but not this one. https:/​/​discordapp.​com/​invite/​NrBtvqK

I also agree that the TJ&E2 board could use more love with regard to categories and rulesets.

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Forum: ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!

Thread: Endless mode

Started by: DanVincentDanVincent

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Consecutive play sessions would be considered a "segmented run". The risk in allowing segmented runs is the possibility of save scumming, and I'm not sure what you could do to mitigate that.

It looks like other games that permit segmented runs do so as a separate category/subcategory (for example the FFXIV Main Scenario Quest category has "SS" and "MS").

Other games aren't shy about making long runs single-segment (for example, Nemesis under Final Fantasy X). There are also some marathon runs, like the 3D Mario 602, 982, and 1862 categories, which allow breaks but the timer has to be running during breaks.

Animal Crossing 100% has a curious case where they permit stopping recording "while you sleep" but the timer has to remain running.


Forum: ToeJam & Earl

Thread: Cheat%

Started by: stoic-rose94stoic-rose94

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I gave Random World Cheat% a spin after the weekly races. Got it in 37.63 seconds after a couple tries.

It feels like basically the same as the Hot Tub% category, except with an even greater percentage of the run spent in the 1-to-2 elevator.

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Forum: Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World

Thread: Board updates

Started by: slabslab

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For the first year or so that this board has existed, the only accepted version of the game has been the Genesis version. However, Might and Magic II is available on several other platforms; I have updated the board to include all the platforms from MobyGames' release list so that such runs can be accepted.



Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: lewisandsparklewisandspark

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I'd like to request moderation for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Might_and_Magic_Gates_to_Another_World ... I've had a run pending for five weeks. The moderator was last online "1 month ago", but has no other contact information listed. I tried to track them down outside of SRC, but:
- Their only run seems to have occurred as a guest on someone else's (larger?) Youtube channel.
- They have a "Full Walkthrough" Twitch video guide attached to the board, but seems to be expired and I can't glean a Twitch username out of it.

There is a series mod for the Might and Magic series, but their last login was 4 months ago. I haven't tried to chase them down. The rules for moderation requests only talk about "game moderators" so it's unclear if that's supposed to be an escalation path before coming to this thread.


Forum: ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

Thread: Proposal: Lil' Kid Mode categories

Started by: slabslab

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I'd like to propose two new categories:

Lil' Kid Mode: Warpless%:
Start the game on Lil' Kid Mode, proceed through the first five levels. This took me about 25 minutes on my first, unoptimized attempt; with a couple rounds of practice, I got to a 22:24, with plenty of room for the time to come down further.

Lil' Kid Mode: Any%:
Start the game on Lil' Kid Mode, activate The Warp Zone, then finish level five. This takes me about 7 minutes.

Memorizing the Hyperfunk Zone patterns is not necessary for either of these runs and also the length is reduced considerably (but not so much to make it trivial). Both of these factors make this game far more approachable, in my opinion.

One minor detail that ought to be worked out: when does the run end?
- When Toejam or Earl says "Ready" to the spring operator (this is the last button press before the "ending sequence")
- The fade to black as you blast through the air and leave level 5 (this is what I've been using)
- During the end sequence, when you initiate dancing with Peabo, Lewanda, and Sharla (and get the "Press any button to reset") sequence.

I'd recommend this be the same as the current "100%" and "Any%" rule categories, except those categories today don't seem to have any rules defined for them, which leaves it somewhat ambiguous.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Password Resets (April 3, 2019)

Started by: kirkqkirkq

I agree with several of the above posters that 2FA should be mandatory for anyone with mod-level powers. I don't have a strong opinion on a 2FA requirement for non-mods.

As for "what if I don't have a cell phone": I use a Yubikey U2F key on several other sites and I have found the experience to be quite painless. Implementing WebAuthn as an alternative to SMS-based 2FA would be nice.

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Forum: ToeJam & Earl

Thread: Question

Started by: ArqArq

For Wii VC, using the Wii Remote alone with the "variation" control scheme (A = Map, B = Presents, C = Action) is not completely intolerable, although the Wii Remote's d-pad isn't a whole lot better.

Additionally you could consider using something like one of raphnet's adapters to adapt a non-Gamecube controller to the Wii (for example, the Genesis to Wii/GC adapter: https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/genesis_to_wii/index.php )