Primary weapons glitch - Allows to use both primary guns
5 years ago

Hey runners!

Found this glitch while doing a run. This allows you to use both primary weapons at once, granted one of them can overheat.

Here is a very quick video I made showing it:

This works on any difficulties and gunships. Any weapon that can overheat work with this glitch, regardless of weapon slot used or weapon type.

I have not yet tested if it's possible to use 2 glitched guns at once, it most likely is.

This gives insane amount of dps vs generators and allows to use both primary guns and 1 secondary at the same time! Great for quick challange rooms as well.

I'll make a more in-depth video about it soon, for now, enjoy!

California, USA

TFW there's new speedrun tech discovered less than a week before your marathon run. :)

I've let Sigtrap know about the bug.

My feeling is we should allow runs that include this bug. It's one of those fun speedrunning bugs that lets you squeeze out extra time and doesn't entirely break the game.

However if Sigtrap fixes it, I will just make a category for weapon glitches and throw all those runs there.

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California, USA

By the way, I talked to Luke and Gary from Sigtrap in San Jose last year and they are cool with keeping this bug in and using it in speedruns, so it looks like no category split will be required.

I'm not entirely against creating a glitchless category if there is interest in it, but for now I will leave categories as they are.

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