Main Quest - PC in 39m 47s 980ms* by FirepawFirepaw (Obsolete)

\o/ finally sub 40

Time with loads: 45m 06s

Played on PC on

Submitted by FirepawFirepaw on

Verified by DrTChopsDrTChops on


Name Duration Finished at
Helgen 1m 15s 000ms 1m 15s 681ms
Whiterun 2m 47s 000ms 4m 03s 032ms
Thalmor Embassy 1m 29s 000ms 5m 32s 364ms
Esbern 2m 51s 000ms 8m 24s 225ms
Karthspire 2m 18s 000ms 10m 42s 973ms
Riverwood 1m 10s 000ms 11m 53s 970ms
Septimus 1m 49s 000ms 13m 43s 163ms
The Wall 1m 05s 000ms 14m 48s 570ms
Mzark Tower 3m 03s 000ms 17m 52s 072ms
Clear Sky 3m 09s 000ms 21m 01s 221ms
Dragon WutFace 3m 09s 000ms 24m 11s 095ms
Marriage <3 1m 14s 000ms 25m 25s 825ms
Cutscene 2m 53s 000ms 28m 19s 047ms
Alduin 1 1m 17s 000ms 29m 36s 334ms
High Hrothgar 2m 43s 000ms 32m 19s 628ms
Solitude 1m 02s 000ms 33m 22s 306ms
Windhelm 0m 49s 000ms 34m 11s 624ms
Council 4m 44s 000ms 38m 56s 605ms
Odahviing 1m 48s 000ms 40m 45s 355ms
OpieOP Bucket 0m 41s 000ms 41m 26s 403ms
Alduin Defeated 3m 40s 000ms 45m 06s 689ms
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