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Thread: Requesting series/game types for existing games

Started by: Lighnat0rLighnat0r

Could have the webgame tag removed? Having the tag is inconsistent with other games in its series


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: does 380 matter for non fpg

Started by: 2a03man2a03man

Honestly if you're just starting out I wouldn't recommend resetting even if you lose the framerule. No need to try to be perfect so early on!

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Thread: How low can No Wrong Warp realistically go?

Started by: skyehoppersskyehoppers

Watching people go for 4:55 in SMB1 has got me curious. I know the record has bad RNG and a mistake in 8-2, but how much time did that lose? And are there any strats known to be humanly viable that haven't been pulled off in runs yet?

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Thread: Snow Drift

Started by: skyehoppersskyehoppers

Hey mods do you mind adding Snow Drift to this page? I've done some runs and got it accepted a while back. Also if anyone's interested it's a decently fun speedgame with room for improvement. Sub-15 should be possible with better strats and execution, which will be my goal when I eventually get back to it.


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Thread: Framerules and Enemy Spawns

Started by: skyehoppersskyehoppers

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to reply so thoroughly. Definitely bookmarking that gif thread. One more question though. Does the number of framerules that you let pass at the title screen before pressing START matter? I know for a while darbian waited like 8 seconds to set up BBG or something. Like should I always press start within a framerule of resetting the console?


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Framerules and Enemy Spawns

Started by: skyehoppersskyehoppers

Hey, I've been having trouble with a couple spots on the run I'm currently going for due to the variable enemy position. Mostly the parakoopas at the end of 8-2. First, I'm never sure whether to go under or jump over the one right before the big gap until it's too late. Is there an easy tell for that? Also the little pit with the three parakoopas and the bullet bills is giving me a headache. Is there any one movement that will get me by every pattern or do I just have to adapt? This leads me into a few semi-technical questions about enemy spawn patterns and framerules. Like, I know the Hammer Bros. in 8-3 depend on the framerule but

1. Are their movements locked when you enter the level?
2. Or does the pattern change every time you lose 21 frames before encountering them?
3. Or does it change every frame and "depends on the framerule" assumes you don't slow down.

And do the 8-2 parakoopas follow the same rule? Darbian mentioned in his tutorial that the one before the gap does, but what about the ones after?