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If you would like to see a new category added onto the leaderboards, you have to submit a video of the run with a comment describing the category you are running.

If you are submitting a run that uses a cheat code you have to include the part where you are inputting the cheat code.

You also cannot submit runs that use STrainer or runs that excessively short.


Rip Strainer%

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add unusualcook%

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wait never mind I am dumb


Hi can we put the IL boards here - We discussed on the other SK forum and Maestro proposed putting it here.

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Hi can I get some form of a response thanks


Why not just ask in the Discord?

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Thanks Tohloo
@kartacha cuz I was told to bring it here.

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Oi so the IL board was brought up again and I'm still gonna be seeing that as a completely reasonable request considering this place is full of barren boards, which was the reason it was taken off the main board in the first place; for the concern that Any% and 100% are too subjective, what I think would work is if we had 2 subcategories for Any% and 100% with the first one being "Standard Route" and in the rule box we'd have a link to a doc detailing the route mainly used in any% and 100% (I'd be happy to make those if we go with it) and a "Special Route" subcategory for more obscure routes, with a variable option for the equipment bought. In the case of the common alternate Any% routes like skelebro, it could either be a variable in "Standard Route" or another subcategory if nobody has an issue with possible minor crams. pleasepleasepleaseplease can we actually come to a consensus with this


The only not-dumb IL category is NG+ - for you suggestion you'd have to wipe the boards clean everytime the route significantly changes, on top of timing being inaccurate anyway because of minor differences (like money pick-ups) between different runners.


The only ways to implement an IL leaderboard reasonably would be to 1) Set up NG+ ILs (and low% if people want that) only, as those are the only categories with clearly defined toolkits throughout each stage; or 2) Set up just a general IL board played on a non-NG+ file that allows any and all items and upgrades for every stage. The former makes much more sense to me, and is what I think should be done if anything, but the latter could also work if people really wanted it that way for whatever reason.


Hi, so you said, "submit a run with a comment describing category you are running", but where would we submit it? Just under a different category temporarily?

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