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Thread: New Best Ending Category!

Started by: skateman222skateman222

Hello fellow Die Hard runners! I thought it would be fun this Diecember to add a new category to the boards: Best Ending! This ending will first show McClane and Holly coming out of the building, then Karl will reappear and try to kill McClane. Powell shoots him and McClane says "I knew you could do it, partner!"

As far as we know currently, to get this ending, you must:
- call the police with the radio on the roof before Lock 2 is broken,
- retrieve 1 detonator, and
- defeat Hans Gruber

Feel free to reference my personal best run to see how I currently routed it out:

It's basically just 2nd half of current Any% route, followed by 1st half of current Any% route and then doing the ending of the older Any% route. I thought it would be interesting to try something fresh to experiment with alongside the usual yearly Any% shenanigans, so please feel free to try things out and have fun with it!

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Forum: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story

Thread: what english patch?

Started by: DeathmaskDeathmask

All the English translation runners have been using 1.00 it seems, as seen in the link below:

I honestly didn't even know there was a newer version, seems like it was quite recently done this year, 20 years after 1.00 was made. Interesting! 😮


Forum: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story

Thread: A couple questions before picking up the run.

Started by: PalmerPalmer

Hey Palmer! Do I see more interest in this game? Nice! 😮

First, here are my own personal notes that I can't guarantee will be helpful to you. It also may have some incorrect information, but it's what I used to get through the game. In addition, I believe I provided these same notes to MyOhMyke and he got a couple finished runs with them just fine. Here they are: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​iSNwYYpr

Second, I was under the same assumption that Japanese is faster, but I only based that assumption on feeling and not actual evidence. It's very possible that they are quite similar or the opposite even, but I couldn't be bothered to go through hours of footage to get that definitive answer. You can use either version and it shouldn't be a huge deal either way.

Lastly, BizHawk should be fine as far as emulators go. As long as it's not ZSNES or SNES9x versions 1.4x and lower, then it should be A-OK. Also, it's important to note that since this is a Super Famicom exclusive game, in addition to the fact that it does not have a super competitive leaderboard, we agreed that turbo is allowed for this game to save our wrists. There are a TON of cutscenes in this game and mashing all of it got super tiring.

GL on learning/runs! Looking forward to see what you can do with this speedrun 😉


Forum: European Speedrunner Assembly

Thread: ESA Summer 2019 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

First time attending from overseas and overall, it was an amazing experience! I'll probably end up repeating a lot of what was said, but I'm just grabbing this from a pros/cons list I wrote up just shortly after the event.

+ The venue was so good. Quick train ride from airport, 1st exit and hotel is right there. Good food options and mall nearby as well.
+ Free ice cream and PopCorn. Also breakfast was WAY better than any hotel I've ever been to
+ The wi-fi connection was incredible compared to other events I've been to where it's either near impossible to connect or non-existent.
+ Arcade was dope! I really liked those 800-in-1 arcade machines; they had quite some variety and hidden gems in there, which gave our group some unforgettable, hilarious moments.
+ I personally liked having stream 1, stream 2 AND console practice room all in same room, but I understand people are not a fan of noise bleeding over to the other stream. I found it nice to be able to practice while also being able to peek at either stream whenever I felt like it.

Biggest issue for me was definitely tech on a lot of fronts, so a majority of my cons will be related to that and hopefully this all can be improved in the future.
- As a foreigner with all NTSC consoles, I didn't feel accommodated at all. The only things about consoles mentioned in the attendee guide were that they would have NA outlets and make sure to bring our consoles. So, having 3 runs with 3 different consoles, I had to pack all of em and barely fit them in my luggage, and guess what? They forced me not to use 2 of them because they were "not compatible" with what they needed for the stream. First run was on NES, so I brought my NTSC NES with basic composite cables because it was NEVER specified anywhere which kind of cables we NEEDED and they rejected it because it wasn't RGB-modded. Sorry, I didn't fork out the cash for that, should've let me know beforehand. Not only that, my NES controller wasn't compatible with the RGB NES they provided, so I had to use someone else's controller. This is just unacceptable. Thank goodness my run wasn't super technical or else I would've been super thrown off.
- After that, I had a Wii U run where I set the console to composite mode since I play on CRT for no input delay. Nope, can't use that either, it MUST be HDMI or else! Since I didn't bring my gamepad to change the settings (like I said, no more luggage space), they then had to get someone else's Wii, that wasn't even NTSC, meaning it couldn't read my NTSC disc. Thank goodness the runner I was racing against had another PAL copy of the game, but it was brand new. He planned on keeping it or giving it away sealed and he had to open it for our run to go on.
- No CRTs, forcing people to use OSSC + Monitor. I get that CRTs are annoying and are eventually going to be phased out (assuming this was a test), but if you want to go that route, should probably look into all possible options and go with the best option. One of the NES crew guys, Grukk, brought their own monitor setup and it was much better than stream 1's setup, comparing side-by-side. A handful of people were complaining about that for their runs, due to being able to tell the difference quite a bit in their runs with frame-perfect tricks.
- I think I've only seen the split buttons work for solo PC runs and would never work properly for races. Could've most likely been user error, but just something I noticed.
- I didn't watch too many runs at the event, but at least half the runs I watched had the capture screen tear for a decent chunk of the run. Not sure how easily avoidable tearing is, but it happened enough to warrant looking into.
- Bar closing at 11 instead of 1-2. Not really something under your control, but that was a common hotel complaint, thought the hotel benefits severely outweigh the negatives, so it's all good!

TL;DR: Experience as an attendee was phenomenal, experience as a runner was a complete nightmare.


Forum: The Smurfs (NES)

Thread: New categories ?

Started by: TomygoodTomygood

I also was interested in learning this game for the 12-Hour Challenge with friends this weekend, but I have the same issue where I do not have a PAL NES to run at the correct speed. I know for other games, such as Gameboy games being ran on a Super Gameboy with higher framerate, sometimes they allow runs, but with the time converted to proper framerate. Nudua made a handy tool to convert times that you can find here: http:/​/​nudua.​com/​convert

So, for this game, we would convert our NTSC 60.09881387708959 framerate to PAL's 50.006978908189 framerate to get the right time. Of course, if that is too weird/complicated, we could also just go with another category, but it would be nice to be on the same leaderboard with this method (in this case, record would be 7:23 on an NTSC console).


Forum: The Messenger

Thread: Overlap

Started by: ShuriBearShuriBear

Does the webcam have to be that big? The game should be the primary focus IMO. I would just shrink your webcam to the same width as your splits (can also maybe get a bit more width if you push your game feed a bit more left).

If you absolutely want the cam to be about that size though, why not just overlap the other way? I think the game feed is more important than seeing your drawer in the background 😛


Forum: Little Red Hood

Thread: Why not use the Taiwanese version?

Started by: BootlegPickleBootlegPickle

So, I'll be honest, I never even tried out the Taiwanese version until now. We've all been running this game on flashcarts and I timed out both and they run the exact same. The 50/60 Hz difference probably only applies with the actual games on their respective PAL/NTSC consoles. So, sure, with the real games, you're probably right, go with the NTSC version. Otherwise, no difference as far as I can tell just messing with it quickly.

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Forum: MOTHER (EarthBound Beginnings)

Thread: Any% English Timing Change

Started by: skateman222skateman222

To keep consistent with the typical, non-RTA MOTHER series speedrun timing, we have decided to remove the 2-3 seconds it takes to name your characters. Timing now begins when you select "Yes" on the "Is this OK?" screen after naming your characters and food. The times in this category have been changed to reflect this new timing change.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Site Statistics

Started by: ROMaster2ROMaster2

(edited: )

Oh cool, that's great news! I am quite looking forward to that update then. 🙂

I remember seeing that 1st spreadsheet and loved digging through that. If you could add other criteria to your new one, such as consoles, year, etc, that would be cool as well, but it's just a random thought. Could be interesting to see what's trending in speedruns on retro consoles like NES, SNES, PS, etc., considering no new games are coming out for them ignoring homebrew.

Thanks, ROMaster2!


Forum: The Site

Thread: Site Statistics

Started by: ROMaster2ROMaster2

Hey there!

Hopefully I am posting in the correct thread, but I am really interested in the Activity stat on an individual game's statistics page, mostly just to see which games are trending at any given time. Is there any possible way we can add an activity filter/sort on the "All Games" page so that anyone can check this out without the need to wait for whoever has access to this to post in this thread, please? I feel like I may have seen a screenshot of that feature being a thing in an older thread last year, but not sure if that was on the site temporarily and then removed or if it was just something tested locally.

Thanks! 🙂

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Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Mother 2 Leaderboards

Started by: lltemplelltemple

I'm honestly fine either way. Considering us non-Japanese runners have only really tried Glitchless Mother 2, it probably wouldn't hurt to just put it under Earthbound as the category of "Any% Glitchless (JP)" or something along those lines.


Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: Feedback for Metroidvaniathon

Started by: TMTM

Hey TM and No Reset Staff!

A lot of what I will say here has already been shared with staff, but I thought I'd drop it in here just to document them and to look back at this thread for next time.

- Apparently, really long HDMI cords were needed to capture HD games, so either have those on hand for next time or find a better set up that allows for any kind of cord to be used.

- If it can even be fixed for next time, the whole streaming from OBS preview was kinda gimmicky because of the mouse hovering on taskbar showing the desktop wallpaper. I think most people just kind of accidentally did that out of habit when using the mouse, which is totally understandable. If there's an alternate way of streaming so that can be avoided, that'd be wonderful.

- Sound issues plagued the first day, but that's mainly due to unfamiliarity with the hardware, but as far as I could tell, it was pretty much fixed from Saturday onwards, so huge props for picking up and adjusting on the fly like that. I'm a little sad my great VVVVVV run was ruined due to that, but it's all good. 🙂

- Dedicated practice setups for runners, at least 2 PCs and 2 CRTs, along with an HDTV and powerbars for all this. I think this was pretty much a given for next time, but just thought I'd throw that in there.

- Better lighting in the runner/commentator area so it's not almost pitch black and only lit by the TVs and I guess the party lights or whatever they are. I think Deln was the one who pointed this one out right away.

- I know this will probably happen for next time, but more than a month's notice would be great to allow more time for runners learning the game for the marathon and for giving enough time for people to plan for that weekend to be free, especially for people travelling from quite a bit away (Elminster MVP).

Overall though, you all did a great job organizing this event in such a short amount of time. Just having the venue at a bar alone is such a chill environment. Having a drink or two or twenty while watching everyone beast mode their game or after your run's over is so cool (well, unless you're Fozzy who makes the brilliant decision to get wasted before his run, ayy lmao <3). Thanks to all the staff for making it an enjoyable event. Really excited for future marathons at that venue, along with LAN ETS and Dreamhack. See you all again soon! 😃

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