So, a big part of why my run (that is currently under review) has such a bad time in the first split is because of the door opening strat that I can't seem to pin down. The WR seem to open doors miles before getting to the text prompt and they also seem to skip the door opening animation entirely most of the time.

Is there a cue? Do you mash E? What's the strat here?


Roll back your game version to the July update. This is before they added the door opening animation. I had the same issue until I did that.


How would you roll back the version to the July update?


Normally the steam properties for a game will have rollback options if I remember right

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As far as I know, the only way to rollback your game version is to either already have a backup of an older version or pirate an older version. The option to rollback doesn't seem to be available for this game on Steam. Correct me if I'm wrong.


@AkagitsuneYukiAkagitsuneYuki I cannot confirm or deny what you say
@MrRossMrRoss I just tried a 1-1000 run a few days ago, and you are right. Something about the door animations adds a few hundred milliseconds to the RTA (which adds up pretty quickly)