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I'm sure you can do this with any window you can tab to, but turns out if you have a window open you can alt tab to it, tab back in, and it will act the same as doing the sticky keys glitch.

Does not work on 810 though, that still needs to be done originally.

This means every single door animation in the game can be skipped by tabbing out and back in! However, it DOES NOT WORK in chases because you spawn the enemy immediately! So if you tab a door out and it starts a chase, say goodbye to your run 😉

Good luck out there everyone 🙂

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Just a heads up, it looks like you CAN tab any room until in a chase, I must have just not heard whoever started chasing me when I died 🙂

I haven't tested too much with this new knowledge so feel free to go crazy testing out what works! Exciting new tech to lower times, and hope to see you all with new PB's soon ❤️


Slightly off topic, is the Sticky Keys glitch still working for you guys? I tried it recently and it wasn't working for me.


Sticky Keys still works for me.
Meanwhile i can't reproduce the tabbing.

Edit: Got it, not seems to work with every application.


Can anyone say which windows this glitch works for? I can't seem to reproduce it with any windows that I regularly have open while I stream.


I've figured it out - somewhat.

Due to the game's reliance on low-level computer functions (kernel and whatnot) I believe that whenever a window that effects things like drivers, devices, monitors, graphics cards, etc (basically anything that effects hardware) it causes the game to speed up really fast, which is why sticky keys worked so much before.

I use the Device Manager personally.