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Thread: Category Request Thread

Started by: rekyuurekyuu

topaz% - get the topaz from the chest in the yiga clan hideout

time starts when you gain control of link, time ends when the topaz popup appears
idea from https:/​/​twitch.​tv/​pointcrow


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Thread: A New Category

Started by: GoodGravyGoodGravy

i did a few runs, really like it

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Thread: How to install, and configure auto spliter

Started by: KipasKipas

you just hit activate
then you're done


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Thread: Source Unpack not downloading?

Started by: Gabriel__Gabriel__

in the resources there is a mirror link


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Thread: make the dark theme better

Started by: sirtomatosirtomato

the night mode is obviously just the light theme but just dark
please adjust the green and make it lighter so the text is more readable