Tips and Tricks!
5 years ago
Texas, USA

Feel free to post your tips and tricks for new runners. I'll be explaining Nightmare Warping later on to anyone interested in fighting Adam(NG+ runs only) with Full Stats and No Debuffs in their runs.

Texas, USA

A quick Run Down of the Glitch is that it requires a few things. Namely 1:You must be playing on a Save File in which you have beaten the game at least once (Ending does not matter) 2:You need to know the menu and be able to navigate it quickly 3:I have not attempted this on PS4 nor PC or Switch and would love someone who could verify it for me on something besides Xbox. 4:The trick is quick and while it can be used for any Fight to remove Debuffs, you will softlock yourself if you use it anywhere else besides Adam.

Pulling off this trick puts you in a state between Nightmare Mode and Story Mode. We will refer to these characters as Nightmare Adam and Story Adam(Player)

Upon selecting a stone you will get some Lore Text about them. Let it play and then back out. Select the stone again, but at the same time, pause the game. If you've done it right you will see the pause screen for a moment before the cursor rests on Atonement.

Choose Atonement and quickly navigate the pause menu to reach the Nightmare Mode, do not select Nightmare until the screen fades to black.

If done properly, you will spawn into the boss fight as Nightmare Adam in place of Story Adam(Player) with Zero Debuffs.

The Final Fight against Adam makes this trick a bit harder. You have less time to reach the menu and it requires an additional Pause. I will be doing a video Tutorial to better explain both forms of Nightmare Warping.

For those of you interested, there is a much easier (but not useful) warp in which you can warp Story Adam(Player) into Nightmare Mode and play Nightmare Mode with Debuffs.