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Just adding my 2 cents. I don't think we need a lot of categories.

1) Deathless. I am on the fence about this one. The death abuse in this game is so minor that I do not feel it merits a separate category. It is like a 3 second difference for the entire game. I would likely omit it, but am not

2) Kneeless. I think this is a bit too arbitrary. I don't think you can do a true low% run of this game. There are too many moves, and if it had to be, I guess it would be punch only. It would be one thing if it was like DD1 where you actually get upgraded moves, but here you just start with all of them.

3) PAL version. If there are significant version differences then I am ok with this one.

4) 1p2c. Even though I have done this, it is really a gimmick category and I don't think it has any real purpose for speedrunning sake. There is no inherent advantage to it, and it is pretty arbitrary for this game. As a general rule, I prefer not to add categories that are on the fence if they only have one runner. Makes more sense to add if there are at least a few runners.

5) Japanese. Yes. The variations in enemy HP make this qualify.

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