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I feel like the obvious things like starting with zero skills and which skills are relevant to this run (since there are skills that are not on the main list that aren't talent badges) should be stated.

Is the sim used for this run required to be made in CAS specifically for the run?
If not, are children of in-game sims allowed (more personality points and possibly other advantages)? Are other life states allowed (I could wipe a Servo's skill points with no cheats)? Pre-unlocked aspiration benefits and rewards, and so on?
If non-CAS sims aren't allowed, why isn't there a rule?

Are cheats allowed in the preparation for the run (creating the lot, as well as creating the hood and sims in it)? I can only assume they are, based on videos. Pretty sure Egoruka actually has 'testingcheatsenabled' active during the run, granted it doesn't give any advantages on its own, but, y'know.
There's probably a lot more to account for, these are just things that popped into my head right away.

Basically what I'm saying is there's not enough information in these rules, and it would kinda suck to submit a run and have it rejected based on something you're supposed to assume and somehow read between the lines.


Updated the rules, thanks.

I'll also make sure to update the rules for the other categories so that they're more clear.

I think it goes without saying that you cannot use cheats during a run, but in order to get the optimal house setup for Max Skills you'd either have to spend a long time getting the career rewards or just use cheats to build the house that way, so in order to make the category more accessible the use of cheats before starting the run in my opinion is perfectly fine as long as you don't use them afterwards.


these rules are fair enough, but would it be worth changing the rules to force you to show sim creation in the VOD? (even though almost every run on the board would be invalid after) Because I figured out a way to reset a run, quit without saving and move the sim out to reset a run, (It doesnt work well in categories that require vital objects) and then moving them back in as it makes the same effect as fresh out of create a sim, because the game has not realised the sim has been played, because you didnt save. Doing this can be banned if you guys think it should be.