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drown% (drown 8 sims)
maxed career%
Aspiration% (complete any aspiration, or maybe a category for each aspiration)
Get Married/Have Kids (Get sims married and have a child. 1 sim and 2 sim must be separate categories)
Abducted% (get abducted by aliens)

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I agree with most of these, though Drowning one doesn't seem necessary at all imo.

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It's already in sims 1 boards though


Unless there's players that want to run the category I don't think it should be on the leaderboard. Also I checked the leaderboard for The Sims 1 and the category isn't there, unless I got the wrong port of the game. I can't speak for other runners but the idea of a Drown% category doesn't interest me.

If we're going to have it I think it should be a Misc category.