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Started by: saksdalsaksdal

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I am in favor of banning the remapping of a digital input to output an analog input.

As you are all well aware, we do still run on N64 despite main competition having been from countries that have access to proper VC (except big Akki, love u bb).

Firstly, as the SM64 community is currently the largest in the speedrunning community, any decision that we make will inevitably impact the future of other communities. If we were to allow this remapping, then surely other games that run into this issue would be more likely to allow it, which could be much bigger/be more broken in other games.

Secondly, it is an external device GIVING functionality and an advantage. Any advancement within the game either through routing/strats/glitches I am completely for and of course framewalking included. Using a controller with the same functionality as an OEM N64 or Hori controller is not an issue. When you start adding new functions such as this remapping for framewalk, I believe it is infringing on the very core idea of speedrunning.

Lastly, N64 has clearly stuck with people. We are still competing on it, and I'm sure most would agree that it feels the best as it is 100% authentic, original hardware. Being on N64 but throwing in this external equipment seems contradictory.

This isn't something new, this has been known of and the possibility has always been there, but players have never gone for it out of, in my words, honor and appreciation for the sport.

The extreme is hard to see, and is possible to not get pushed much farther than this, but the very principle of it is what doesn't sit right with me.

Not to mention, as competitive speedrunning continues to grow, creating an even larger barrier of entry than there already is seems counterintuitive if we want to get more people in the scene.

At the very least, if it doesn't get banned, there should be something added to the leaderboard to signify the use of this remapping as to not directly compare runs with and without it.

People who aren't speedrunners will always call many things cheating or unfair, but it is clear that even within our own community there are people who find this to be unfair and not in the spirit of speedrunning. As well as many others in the general speedrunning community.

Of course, its not a simple issue and I am looking forward to hear other's thoughts and opinions.

Either way it goes, I will accept it and continue to grow with the community, but a vote is certainly in order.

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