Skipping the main menu cutscene

By DaletDalet. Last updated

(this has been updated by Master_64, as it is more stable and looks much better)

1. Go to your game directory and go to Shrek 2\system\cutscenes
2. Locate the file named
3. Edit the text file and delete everything inside of it.
4. Paste this into the file

line_0=PlayMusic temp_storybook_intro_music Loop=True
line_1=Trigger LightMover1
line_2=WaitForCue n/a
line_0=TargetFlyTo Menu_Target3
line_1=FlyTo Menu_Cam3 z=118
line_2=WaitForCue n/a
line_0=PlaySound Page_Turn2
line_1=PlayAnim Page1Turn Rate=0.6
line_2=PlayAnim Page1turnedStatic Loop
line_3=GotoMenu SHGame.ShFEGUIPage
line_4=WaitForCue n/a
line_0=WaitForCue n/a

5. Save the file.

Now anytime you load up your game, the cutscene will automatically be skipped.