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Restart, any order, last hit, timing pauses on last hit of first three and resumes on start game of last three.


This is RTA. Timing pauses are not legal.

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No reset/ no closing the game. Any order is fine. YCG logo final split. Easiest way to account for a "level" playing field for all parties interested in running this category.

Any% seems like it would be a minimum of four hours of gameplay and anyone willing to do this should have the luxury of changing up which character they start with to keep it from getting stale.

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I vote for no closing the game, any order, Title Screen/YCG logo final split.


not to be that guy, but i dont see how the run could get any longer than 3 or 3 and a half hours.


I would vote for any order, split on last hit, no quit (spam to pass), don't count time after last hit.

My point is that even though the game is light and probably don't have some kind of load bullshit like the Dark Soul Series or more recently hollow knight. I think that it would be more interesting to not count the time of those post game cutscenes. As someone said earlier consoles can have different loadtimes and differences between pc's can be a thing (should not be but better be carefull)

It can either be done manually by just adding up the 4 times (has still to be done in a single segment settings, like just put an extra split that'll count the time between last hit and next character for you and remove that time) or with a future Auto Splitter that would stop time on last hit (probably very doable but i won't say it'll be a thing since i have no idea how to make one ^^)..

That way people could run in any order they want (for exemple in specter the cutscene with Reize and Enchantress is fairly long but people might want to start with specter or at least not finish with him). The only problem is that people would probably take advantage of that and take breaks between runs (up to everyone to decide if breaks would be acceptable or not).

It could be a lot of work but i'm pretty sure that we won't see more than 10 maybe 15 people doing 4 char runs.

Since i spoke about Single Segment maybe adding a Multi Segment (aka 1 segment per chararacter) category would be interesting so that way we can see the potential of the a 4 char run ^^.


Okay. Guess I better toss this idea out there. Will this be restricted to a single platform? And if platform switching is allowed, should someone actually choose to do so, should we set it so you have to wait for final hit or YCG logo to appear (depending on the end split time that's voted on)? I doubt this will become a legitimate concern, but think it'd be a good idea to define this in the process anyway.


Well the original post say we're deciding between turning the game off or not turning the game off. So obviously one would allow that and one would not.


Only skimmed through but I didn't see anyone mention this. Would all four files be created before the run as time typically starts upon file selection? Or would you only be allowed to create one at the first start for your first knight? This idea may already be solved but I'm not too active here so I thought I'd bring it up.


Whichever you prefer. Obviously Making all 4 prior is faster.


I'm assuming you would start with 4 different files already created and you would start time on whichever file you started with which is fine. Going back to the main menu after every campaign is a fair compromise to make sure every platform is as even as possible, the small amount of time save you would get by being able to close the game and reopening it isn't worth penalizing different platforms.

Time should end when the last campaign is beaten which is the most sensible rule in my opinion since that is when you actually have 4 cleared files. Furthermore, I don't like how runs of this game in general are currently timed under the "last hit" wording which is an important thing when considering the "close the game" timing option. Under a last hit wording you could technically just pause the game after killing the last boss in each campaign and return to the title screen and start your next playthough (this is true for Shovel and Specter Knight I believe). The reason I really don't like this is that it would allow for you start your next playthrough without actually having a cleared file, the file becomes "cleared" at the end of the boss cut scene when the game saves right before the screen fades out. Another reason I don't like this wording is that it doesn't account for your position at the end of a fight which does affect how fast the game can potentially end.

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So you propose time on the game saving after cutscene of beating final boss? That's fine with me.


I vote for no resets, any order, and final split on seeing the YCG’s logo.

My justification for these is 1. I play on 3DS and would definitely prefer to not have to reset the game with the finicky menu switching for the 3DS. 2. I see literally no reason to restrict it other than maybe viewer convenience, which, since this will be a multiple hour long run, isn’t really a priority. 3. I see a very good argument for both “on final hit” and “at the YCG logo appearing” but I think it would be slightly more runner friendly for the final split to be apon the logo appearing.


Although I am a s__t tier runner my vote goes for:
Mashing on the cutscenes and time on last hit of the last final boss.


A bit late but still. No reset, any order, final hit on last boss.
I'm really bad at plague knight so I'd prefer to have my runs die earmy to him and not after I'm possibly hours into the run.