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BucketPlsBucketPls Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Any% NG+ 1:30:00 PC Link A fun run where the Harry Potter universe basically becomes a 3rd person shooter! Lots of spell switching and things will explode more and more over the duration of the run!
CountGoobyCountGooby Super Metroid: Project Base Archive - Any% 0:35:00 SNES USA Link Project Base is a very fast paced rom hack that keeps the same map as Super Metroid, but adds new mechanics into the game that allow us to take several different routes and sequence break the game in ways not seen in vanilla Super Metroid. I have also done this run several time with Linkamesiter at marathons. Race with LinkaMeister
[Deleted user] Pocket Kingdom Any% - Airship 0:20:00 PC Link You shoot rockets at boxes. (Another category was in last year) This category slightly longer but shows a different ending.
[Deleted user] Pocket Kingdom Any% - Zeppelin 0:15:00 PC Link You shoot rockets at boxes. (This was in last year)
[Deleted user] Puzzgun All Levels 0:40:00 PC Link Games whole gimmick is shooting.
havrdhavrd Revolution Spiderman NG+ 0:50:00 PC Link Romanian Half-Life 1 clone game, but you are secretly Peter Parker. "Amazing game"
SasamSasam Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Any% (Warpless) 1:25:00 Switch Link It's like knock off windwaker but the other knockoff wind waker. You shoot with a bow a decent amount and get a gun for your boat.
SasamSasam Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior Any% 3:00:00 PC Link Obligatory annual entry to destroy children's eardrums.
tomatoanustomatoanus Fallout Anthology Any% (Main Series) 2:15:00 PC USA Link Wide variety of runs/games from a super popular series, makes for a nice cozy two hours together.
rythinrythin Mortyr IV: Operation Thunderstorm Any% 0:30:00 PC Link An old, bad WW2 shooter with some interesting tech and OoB shenanigans. There's been a couple new strats found since the last Shots Fired and I believe I have fixed my quality so we don't end up with a powerpoint presentation this time.
SuicideMachineSuicideMachine D.I.R.T.: Origin of the Species Any% 0:35:00 PC Link Cause I overslept slightly last time, damn it. Also, it's a cool run of a really broken game.
PlasticRainbowPlasticRainbow Quadrilateral Cowboy Any% No F1 0:26:00 PC Link A first-person hacking game that the run barely uses hacking. It's a very broken and has numerous skips. Only if the cutscene at 12:08 counts as shooting.... I guess this would be great game for the marathon. Or... I could just spend extra 10 seconds to make this run as a valid shots fired marathon run. :)
CadarevCadarev Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Any% 0:30:00 PC Link Widely considered the worst Tomb Raider game, its incompleteness and the plethora of bugs and glitches in it make its speedrun both short and very unique - being able to, for example, crouch through walls and doors, and hit level end triggers by simply jumping into walls. Most importantly, the two fights in the run involve wild button mashing for maximum amount of shots fired. The game remains a very unstable experience, so crashes and softlocks have to be expected, hence the higher estimate. This would be a race between PlasticRainbow and myself, his PB video can be found here: PlasticRainbow
brainfluidbrainfluid Quake II (PC) Any% (Easy) 0:27:00 PC EUR Link becuz it gud gam fam
teddyrasteddyras Enter the Gungeon 1 Character 0:30:00 PC USA Link HELLO? GUNgeon! cmon, do I need to say more?
TheFuncannonTheFuncannon Dying Light Any% 2:05:00 PC Link This is a very broken survival horror game, showing off quick movement, powerful gunplay, and tons of juicy glitches
Centaur1umCentaur1um Half-Life 2 Old Engine Scripted% 1:01:00 PC USA Link it's like an hour long and the guy i do the commentary with is cool. there's also some cool new and awesome great routes i haven't done yet come see them live at hey
Buffet_TimeBuffet_Time Hotline Miami All Masks 0:30:00 PC USA Link Hotline Miami has been shown at many an Online and In Person Marathon. It's overall a really good run for people who know the game and even don't to watch. It's easy to watch and really is easy to understand how difficult it can be and often throws curveballs that make watching 1 run not like watching another. All Masks is basically a run friendly 100% category, and Jackintoshh is willing to race me in this category and of course you already know/ can check that he's pretty heccin good at this game and we race often. (PBs in hotline really dont equate to races being that far apart usually) Jackintoshh
Buffet_TimeBuffet_Time Endless War 2 All Campaigns 0:20:00 Web USA Link Endless war is the best flash game series ever, and 2 is the best of the bunch. #giveEndlessWarAchanceShaddex <3 for real though Endless war 2 is a really interesting run and has no downtime.
BinaryBlobBinaryBlob Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Episode 1-4 0:25:00 PC Link Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a 2D shooter released back in 1997. The interest for this game has been growing lately and the current route hasn't been shown of in any marathon, ever! The current route include death warps, TNT climbing and clips. I'm submitting a race between me and Dominator_101. Dominator_101
RabbitRabbit Bedlam NG+ 0:35:00 PC EUR Link Coming back from Shots Fired #4, NG+ in Bedlam is now 10 mins shorter due to 2 new tricks that have been discovered. The game is now even more fast paced, more entertaining and more broken :) I'm adding +10 mins to estimate, just in case if something goes wrong, but I don't think I will need that many.
MsushiMsushi Portal 2 Cooperative Game 0:45:00 PC Link Portal 2 uses guns in the most unconventional way, as the game has more of a reputation as a puzzle game rather than a first person shooter game. However, the run still involves an incredible amount of aimming, fascinating glitches, bunnyhopping, and some intense coordination between runners. CantEven
[Deleted user] Halo 2 Easy Any% 1:25:00 X360 JPN Link Halo 2 is a very unique and exciting speedgame that has elements that normally aren't found in other shooter speedgames.
NoobSalmonNoobSalmon Fallout 3 All Quests 1:40:00 PC EUR Link AQ has been featured before in SF but since then the route has been changed significally and initially saving 10 minutes to the older route. Featuring strats like duping, quest sequence breaks and running around in the wasteland for 20 minutes straight. Also we still complete all marked quests under 100 minutes. Sounds quality right?
MekaraziumMekarazium Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition 1:40:00 PC Link you can shoot with laser cannon, boomerang, two pistols, shotgun, bazooka, swords, exploding "roses", crossbow and gatling gun, but who cares, when the game gives you a character, armed with a motorcycle sword and kool revolver that literally nukes away the enemies.
MekaraziumMekarazium Warframe Quests: Vor's Prize 0:25:00 PC Link you jump and roll, jump and roll, that's how the space ninjas troll.
AlbertHamikAlbertHamik Elite Forces: WWII Normandy Any% Easy Race 0:10:00 PC USA Link WWII Normandy is one of those rare games that is so mindlessly short to the point of being almost pointless, and yet it's high speed quake-like jumping mechanics (that are actually slightly easier, if a bit more unwieldy, than actual quake), and the surprising amount of challenge to almost every level means that there's tons of amusement to be had. We'll make the veterans of WWII proud by hopping around really fast and taking out an army of clone Nazis who all utter complete gibberish (going off my basic understanding of Deutsch anyhow). This is based off a true story, sort of... Artistic and budgetary liberties were taken. But playing it solo would seem a bit of a waste (given the short runtime), so as of me submitting this, I Albert Hamik and fellow WWII Normandy runner Rythin vouch to do a race of the game (sadly the current WR holder has declined to join in, and being a young speedgame, we both admittedly need to work to approach his time which is only about 2 weeks old now), and we are holding out hope to get at least 2 more people on board, maybe (we will keep in touch on that up to whenever is most convenient for the marathon organizers). Here's hoping for a nice time, running a game that was probably developed to pay someone's rent. It is arguably the best game to have come out of Valusoft at least, which isn't really saying much... Rythin, etc. (hoping for 2 more runners; if not, then just me and Rythin))
rythinrythin Youyou Kengeki Musou 0:22:00 PC Link Touhous tend to shoot many bullets. This game is a touhou and this marathon is about shots and bullets and all that so it fits I guess. Oh yeah cool strats and all that.
Tezur0Tezur0 Unreal any% 0:50:00 PC Link SHOTS
Tezur0Tezur0 Nitro Family any% 1:55:00 PC Link Shots, new strats, less memes, more gameplay.
KottiKotti Hitman: Codename 47 Any% 0:42:00 PC KOR Link Pew pew
F14m3zF14m3z Quake Any% 0:25:00 PC EUR Link Quake is a classic genre defining first person shooter and a miraculous speed game featuring innovative movement tek and strats developed over the past decade.
MakkerDon Far Cry 2 Any% 3:00:00 PC EUR Link Far Cry 2 speedrun has never been showcased at an event before.
MattmattMattmatt The Darkness II Vendetta 0:35:00 PC Link Best Co-op Campaign EU Hutchtee
MattmattMattmatt Blade 2 Any% NG+ RTA 1:05:00 PS2 EUR Link I showed off my Segmented run of this game at the last shots fired, but since then i routed the game better, found a bunch of new skips and the game is actually runnable RTA without it being a complete shitshow.... it can still be a shitshow but its doable :P
MattmattMattmatt Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Any% 1:40:00 PS4 Link Newest entry in the Uncharted series and it has more skips than UC4 so its already superior.. pretty fun run.
TiffanyspeedrunsTiffanyspeedruns Fallout 3 All Quests 1:40:00 PC Link My availability is 5 am to 9 am est. just let me know how much graveyard to fill and I got you
pmcTRILOGYpmcTRILOGY Just Cause Any% 1:42:00 PC USA Link Just Cause recently dropped 7 minutes from its WR time with some new helicopter strats and the inclusion of the infinite jump glitch. This should also be shown at Shots Fired: Annihilation just 'cause.
tbcrtbcr Wheels! Hard 0:06:00 PC USA Link Because while AlbertHamik is the Wheels-meister, I am the unfortunate WR holder for this category and I might as wheel do a run of it. I need to also make it more ironic that there are more runners for this than the Marathon Trilogy. Regardless, a shitty fps that is still being sold for $60 to this day. Can do a race if anyone else bothers to submit this.
Heroic_RobbHeroic_Robb Halo 3: ODST Any% Legendary NG+ 1:35:00 X360 USA Link Halo 3 ODST has improved with a couple new tricks found along with timesave. It shows off a lot of combat as well.
SimonNSimonN Jazz Jackrabbit 6 Episodes 0:35:00 MS-DOS EUR Link Colorful, fast cartoon action with an iconic speed shoes upgrade. Firing speed is only limited by our keyboard mashing prowess. 6 Episodes is the main category, but I've ran this at Shots Fired 2017 already and would prefer to show 9 Episodes Turbo with all bonus stages.
SimonNSimonN Jazz Jackrabbit 9 Episodes, Turbo, all bonus stages 1:30:00 MS-DOS EUR Link Colorful, fast cartoon action with an iconic speed shoes upgrade. Turbo difficulty adds more enemies, then gives all enemies extra hitpoints -- we'll have to mash even harder to shoot everything. We play all 9 episodes of the Jazz 1 CD release, including episodes A-C that were not part of the Jazz 1 Floppy release. The 3D bonus stages make for about 25% of this run and lack shooting, but are challenging to optimize and show as much of Jazz 1 as possible. This category is not on because I'm the only runner.
ed58ed58 Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Any% Easy Difficulty 1:55:00 PS3 USA Link Metal Arms was accepted into ShotsFired: Locked and Loaded and was my first time ever running the game in a marathon before. Needless to say, I feel there is a lot for me to improve on commentary wise. Several levels have been broken since then as well. Making a lot of easy levels become much more intense now.
SimonNSimonN Hyper Princess Pitch Goddess of Explosions 0:20:00 PC EUR Link Let's put an end to Christmas joy by shooting bricks at thousands of Santa's robot elves. Goddess of Explosions is the highest difficulty, we'll play all stages. Game shows statistics after each run, including the stat "Shots Fired". I got hooked after seeing WanderingMind's run at Shots Fired 2017 and we've developed this run together since. It would mean a lot for me to race him at Shots Fired 2018! WanderingMind
WanderingMindWanderingMind Hyper Princess Pitch Goddess of Explosions 0:20:00 PC Link The most EXTREEEEMEEE of all categories in this game makes an explosive return for this summer. What started out as a last minute idea submitted to the last Shots Fired marathon has now turned into a seriously run category, thanks to SimonN picking up the game after I did my run. I will be racing him in the All Stages category. I'd love to do so because he helped so much with optimizing the run. Of course, we will be using a marathon safe route. Let's get dangerous. SimonN
BulkichBulkich 12 is Better Than 6 Any% 0:30:00 PC Link This game should be shown, because this interesting top-down shooter in wild west style, it's how Hotline Miami but in black and white style. It's game really interesting to show it on marathon:D
BulkichBulkich Devil May Cry 3: Special Editon NG+ Vergil 1:05:00 PC Link Vergil NG+ on Normal difficulty. Not on Heaven or Hell because this is not isteresting, with many using holy waters and some of interesting fights:D And Vergil shots his swords just why not:D
LoveBotLoveBot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus Any% (GBA) 0:38:00 GBP EUR Link TMNT2:BA is a great 2D platforming game, with alot of shoot em up elements. Several sidescrolling shooter stages, as well as vertical "First Person" space shooting stages. (All of which are less autoscrollers than it seems.) The game is pretty fast paced due to broken slide movement being much faster than running. Which opens up for a few segment skips. Overall i really think this is a overlooked GBA title that deserves to be seen.
LoveBotLoveBot The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (GBA) Any% 0:32:00 GBP EUR Link (Any% Dark) Spyro The Eternal Night for GBA is a VERY nice 2D platformer at the very end of the GBA's life. Most people only know of the console counterpart. But the GBA version is a true gem! On Any% Dark, we use Dark Spyro which is unlocked by beating the game on Hard mode. Special about Dark Spyro, is that we start out the run having a very OP "Dark Fireball" ability we can shoot. This is being used throughout the entire run, and thus is a shooter :^) I really think more people should experience this game, as its really one of the best Spyro GBA games out there, if not THE best. Any% Easy could also be run, but i personally think Dark would be more interresting in this context.
bryonatobryonato Titanfall 2 Any% 1:32:00 PC USA Link Titanfall 2 is a criminally underrated speedgame - one of the best to be released in the last few years. It features an extremely deep movement system which runners exploit and abuse to the fullest. With only two short OoB sections, the run itself is very light on big glitches and focuses mostly on movement optimization and hitting frame tight inputs to perform some really cool tricks.
WRP_BeaterWRP_Beater Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Any% 3:20:00 PC Link While Mafia was at last Shots Fired marathon, there have been plenty of new strats/skips found after Lembox's run in November, including a skip that saves more than 2 minutes! There are plenty of skips (we know 7 different ways to go through walls!), and the shootouts all have very precise strats. Definitely an entertaining run for its length! As a bonus, you can choose the profile name (up to 10 characters).
Tezur0Tezur0 The Stalin Subway: Red Veil Any% Easy 0:15:00 PC Link Because shots. Also funny game with no sound haha.
KelninKelnin Vivisector: Beast Within Any% 1:30:00 PC EUR Link Improved run since previous marathon. More tricks, more skips, more bugs.
KelninKelnin Kreed Any% 2:00:00 PC EUR Link This game is really bad. Even Chaser have own pros. Worst level design, broken mechanics and lame graphics, ideal to "awful block".
teddyrasteddyras Cuphead All Bosses 0:30:00 PC USA Link finger guns are still guns. pew pew pew ?---
LonneLonne Battlefield Hardline Any% 2:50:00 XboxOne EUR Link A spinoff game in the Battlefield Series developed by Visceral Games featuring cops and criminals in a battle against drugs and crooked cops in Miami, the linked run is for the NG+ Subcategory
BingchangBingchang Caster NG+ 0:20:00 PC USA Link Fun jump and shooter with interesting mechanics. We recently found out that save data is just a .txt file and we can edit it to have max stats and even play as enemies (which we could do for fun/something to show off a bit after)
HarryPearceHarryPearce Hitman: Absolution Any% 1:00:00 PC Link This game shouldn't be shown anywhere, ever. Put this in if you have a meme or shit game block. It's not even bad enough to be entertainingly bad.
HarryPearceHarryPearce Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Any% Easy 1:40:00 PC Link Classic WW2 shooter game from around the first CoD era.
HarryPearceHarryPearce Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Spearhead Any% Easy 0:50:00 PC Link Expansion to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.
PythonicusPythonicus Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Substance any% Normal 1:17:00 PC USA Link Last November, this game was shown by RaichuMGS, but the run was unfortunately cut short by technical difficulties. That run was done on the PS3 HD version of the game, but this one, if accepted, will be done on the faster PC port. The PC port is faster mainly due to loading times between level/cutscene transitions, but there are also a few amusing graphical glitches introduced by a widescreen fix we use for the game.
doublegearsysdoublegearsys Megaman 5 Any% 0:41:00 NES JPN Link The main draw of this entry to the Classic Megaman franchise is the Super Arrow, Megaman 5's unique platforming tool. Megaman soars through the air on weaponized plungers, deftly dodging enemies and platforming traps along the way! When we're not skipping everything the game throws at us, Megaman can tackle it with 5's super-powered Mega Buster, unique special weapons, and some deft sliding! Also, there's shooting. Lots of shooting. And a bird! And lots of shooting!
doublegearsysdoublegearsys Megaman 8 Any% (PS) 1:00:00 PS2 JPN Link Despite being often overlooked for not being on the NES, the PlayStation entry to the Classic Megaman franchise shines as a stellar game and speedrun. With bright, vibrant graphics and interesting stage and robot master design, Megaman 8 is a feast for the eyes, but there's more beneath the surface! Thanks to menuless quick weapon swapping, we can rapidly swap between our special weapons, and even combo weapons with each other or the Mega Buster! This game also gives us the Mega Ball, a weapon that can be kicked or used to do infinite vertical jumps, and allows us to skip almost every ladder in the game!
davidspartan95davidspartan95 Halo 5 Legendary 1:42:00 XboxOne Link This is a the latest instalment of a fairly Classic FPS franchise, it has alot of OOB tricks and skips as u can expekt from a Speedgame
Tezur0Tezur0 Grand Theft Auto 2 All Missions - Residental 1:10:00 PC Link Best district of GTA 2. While this run is a lot of driving, it also has some shooting missions, you getting shot a lot aswell and overall a good run.
Tezur0Tezur0 Duty Calls: The Calm Before the Storm 100% 0:04:00 PC Link it's really good
Ravensh1neRavensh1ne Portal Glitchless 0:30:00 PC EUR Link Portal very comfy and short game. Msushi, Shizzal
Ravensh1neRavensh1ne Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Recruit 2:30:00 PC EUR Link Because last time it was not perfect, but now I would be glad and ready to fight this game again. Hekigan, theVk
Ravensh1neRavensh1ne Tomb Raider (2013) Any% no DLCs 2:00:00 PC EUR Link I will practice that a lot if you will submit that, and now quality gonna be a lot better!
Ravensh1neRavensh1ne Mirror's Edge Glitchless 0:50:00 PC EUR Link I practice that a lot now, just because. Any player which want it.
k0uS1Sk0uS1S The Old Blood Any% 1:05:00 PC EUR Link well, since it is an amazing game, i can show off and explain the strats while performing a run on the game
k0uS1Sk0uS1S Wolfenstein: The New Order Any% 1:45:00 PC EUR Link same as old blood, but this one has fresh new tricks and world record potential. (about the video link, the run was on, but it got down due to twitch just deleting all my videos, sooooo yeah, may replace it with one soon. i am posting this link, more to show that my run actually existed and got verified in the first place)
k0uS1Sk0uS1S Max Payne 3 Any%, Glitchless 3:45:00 PC EUR Link old school difficulty to make things interesting. manly run, no skips, pure skill, max difficulty.
maltemllermaltemller Half-Life: Source Any% Scripted Steam Version 0:55:00 PC EUR Link Half-Life: Source is a game that has been inactive because most people like Half-Life 1 more. Me and a friend have found some interesting stuff that cuts down the time and some chapters are faster than half life 1 speedruns. This game is popular for having many issues and glitches that valve did not want to fix. I would like to show this on the marathon to show that its actually okay and not just a big meme to speedrun.
JunperJunper Cuphead Full Clear 1:00:00 PC USA Link Cuphead it's pretty new and I think it's a great game to showcase. Full clear includes all the Levels, and it can be done in under an hour
antidotsrantidotsr Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 0:20:00 PC Link This is a pretty meme run, also we've got so far. Idk will we have category for this one but will still submit it. Just having fun with the speedruns. We have now 4 players in the run, mb will be 5-th, video will be only from one source so we don't need layout for 4 or 5 ppl. thevk PJSoprano Bulkich
Nerd_SquaredNerd_Squared Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Any% v1 1:40:00 PC USA Link This is a fairly well known stealth game where we completely ignore stealth and go fast instead. Manipulation of enemy AI and use of a PC exclusive quicksave/quickload feature allows for blazing through the game. The quicksave/quickload feature provides marathon safety.
MightyCrabMightyCrab Enter The Matrix Niobe 0:52:00 PC Link Old but gold. Square wheels/glasses, grenade jumps, a bit of skips and movement tech, agent fight memes, you name it.
MightyCrabMightyCrab Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Dead on Arrival 0:50:00 PC Link Hasn't been on shotsfired for a while, slowmo tricks, highjumps (including on a pizza box), partial invincibility and incredible power of holding doors are components of a great noire story.
AIVV73AIVV73 Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Invisible% 0:15:00 PC CHN Link cause its getting over it with invisible mountain,have you seen this clickbait videos on youtube?Not much shots fired in this game except fire from you ass after 3000 resets
LifeL1keLifeL1ke Prey (2017) No OoB Items 0:45:00 PC Link As a sort of middle-ground between any% and No OoB, this is by far the most broken category of the game.
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Super Metroid: Project Base Archive - Any% 0:30:00 WiiVC USA Link cool and fast paced super metroid romhack Countgooby
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Contra ReBirth Easy Any% 0:18:00 WiiVC USA Link a great contra game with loads of shooting in it
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Sin and Punishment Normal Difficulty 0:50:00 WiiVC USA Link in this game we shoot almost all the time with some melee attacks here and there
LinkaMeisterLinkaMeister Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Easy Mode 2:12:00 Wii USA Link this game has loads of shooting and a lot bosses
lekolegalekolega Far Cry Any% (Easy) 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Far Cry is a pretty famous series with nice gameplay mechanics, especially fc1 which is a really good speedrun game. In the last month, we've lowered the time from 1:19:00 to sub1h with my best 55:26. There are out of bounds strats, clips, a grenade jump, loads of RNG and almost no boring parts whatsoever. The run should last about an hour maximum and there is some explaining to do which I really hope MakkerDon will help me with since he's better spoken than I am. MakkerDon
aperturegrillzaperturegrillz Marathon 2: Durandal Total Carnage 1:15:00 PC USA Link Marathon 2 is the most well-known game in the series and a real pain to beat on Total Carnage. Several levels require extermination of all the enemies and many more pratically require you to shoot your way through to avoid being blown to bits by the aggressive enemies. I've been trying to optimize this category for a while and I think it'd be fun to show off.
DavdusDavdus XIII Any% 1:36:00 PC EUR Link XIII is a Unreal 2.X based FPS from 2004 with a unique comic like graphic style. The run itself is a combination of tight movement and good aim, with minor but not game breaking skips all across the run. The route has been optimized since 2007, making lots of story telling possible :)
CountGoobyCountGooby Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Warpless 2:10:00 SNES USA Link Yoshi's Island is a classic SNES platformer all about tight execution and clean movement. Warpless is most similar to a glitchless run of the game, but would still feature sequence breaks. In this game, you shoot eggs as a projectile so it could fit into the marathon theme too.
CountGoobyCountGooby SMW2+2 Warpless 2:35:00 SNES USA Link Alternatively, this is a rom hack of Yoshi's Island that would feature similar aspects as vanilla Yoshi's Island does. As far as I know, it's never been featured in a marathon, so it could be great for showcasing something new.
EcdycisEcdycis Dead Rising Timeskip% NG 0:40:00 PC USA Link Dead Rising used to be a 6 hour autoscroller but with a mod to fix it all Dead Rising is now a 40 minute shootout using a variety of weapons such as uzi's, shotguns, heavy machine guns, and even some less conventional weapons to get our scoop! Note: Video attached shows this run in another marathon, it is 5 seconds over the estimated time but this is normally not an issue since the vod has slower load times and tutorials on. Outside of this 40 minutes is more than enough
tbcrtbcr Marathon Infinity Any% Kindergarten 0:20:00 PC USA Link It's been a couple of SF since this was ran. Also, New Strats
lashaziorlashazior The Shield Any% Normal (PC) 1:05:00 PC USA Link This game is absolutely ridiculously hilarious for a game based off a TV show. You run around as Vic Mackey, a loose cannon cop who is trying to save up for his retirement, except you are even more ruthless because you just end up killing people. The run is fairly amusing to watch as well with some hilarious physics, ridiculous interrogation sequences, and awfully bad voice acting. Also very marathon safe. Just a quick note about the run - this game is new in the speedrunning world and the time might end up being lower than an hour and 5 minutes.
tbcrtbcr D/Generation DOS Random% 0:25:00 MS-DOS USA Link I usually only attempt runs 3 times a year for this game, might as well do it for a marathon. Will do Random% because Any% is convoluted to setup.
tbcrtbcr D/Generation HD Any% 0:50:00 PC USA Link This is a gigantic dumpster fire of a game that somehow got released on the Nintendo Switch recently. Except I would perform it on the completely broken PC version. Literally almost beat for beat the same strats as the DOS submission.
PlasticRainbowPlasticRainbow Santa Slayer All Kills 0:02:00 PC Link I'm sorry
TolarusTolarus Turok: Dinosaur Hunter 100% 0:45:00 PC Link Shows off many areas of the game that normally aren't explored during the any% run, and the category hasn't been showcased at a Shots Fired Marathon yet. Also makes the Campaigner fight even more trivial with the Chronoscepter in hand.
MattmattMattmatt The Last of Us Any% New Game Plus 2:45:00 PS4 Link race with catalystz catalystz
FulgrimFulgrim Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut Any% 2:35:00 PC EUR Link Shadowrun has loads of dakka. It may not be an FPS, but the lead density is incredibly high. As added benefit, you end the run by pumping two of your former companions full of lead. The run itself has an X-COM vibe to it. You can mitigate a lot of risks by knowing the game, but in the end you are relying on chance to get your shit done. The run is fairly optimized already and especially some of the more intricate movement options are at least interesting to run. Other than that you have the typical 99% miss X-COM moments that can make for an interesting viewing experience. Thus the run is a combination of very technical movement and menuing on the one hand and chance based combat on the other hand. In addition to that the Shadowrun series hasn't got any speedrun attention since the realese of Shadowrun: Returns a couple of years back. So displaying this game could bring attention to our very small community. 2:35 is a buffer for some splits, which can very swingy. The situation I am thinking of has only occurred once, but I can't give a 100% on 2:30 or 2:28. It is also quite possible that I am done 10 minutes prior, if the run goes well.
speedwerdspeedwerd Lifeline Any% 2:50:00 PS2 USA Link The tradition continues! After opting out of running Lifeline during the last Shots Fired, I have decided to bring it back! Tech wise, nothing has changed but one strat for a puzzle, but I can promise you a solid and entertaining run as usual! Lifeline is the best voice operated third person survival horror shooter (and only)!
havrdhavrd aragami nightfall Any% 0:10:00 PC USA Link short and good
havrdhavrd El Matador Any% 0:20:00 PC EUR Link It's El Matador
antidotsrantidotsr Collapse Any% 2:00:00 PC Link Just a collapse game.
Megami_infiniMegami_infini James Bond 007 Any% 1:15:00 GBC USA Link It's a Zelda-like game, having such game on this marathon would be quite unique And it has quite variety of guns - pistol, SMG, Rocket Launcher. Also sword(machete) and shield(2 even)
Ripchip_Ripchip_ Rise of the Triad: Dark War any% 1:05:00 PC Link because theres lots of guns, nonsense, and you turn into a dog
Ripchip_Ripchip_ Rise of the Triad (2013) any% 0:30:00 PC USA Link Because its a faster, more busted version of the other game I submitted. you also turn into a dog
thevkthevk Call of Duty Any% 2:05:00 PC EUR Link The first installment in the Call of Duty series. A classic WW2 game, speedrun of which features a couple OoB moments, medpac management and quite a bit of waiting around
thevkthevk Call of Duty: World at War Any% 1:45:00 PC EUR Link Featuring only one major mission skip (and a lot of smaller shortcuts), this game is still the shortest of all the CoDs. AlexYeahNot
pentalekspentaleks Borderlands Any% 2p Co-Op 1:42:00 PC Link A glitch that was discovered recently changed the way the speedrun is done and it got about 20 minutes faster on average because of it. The 2 player Co-op run was slower by several minutes before and now it's the fastest category in Any%. Deln
EcdycisEcdycis BioShock Any% 1:00:00 PC USA Link Bioshock is a classic in FPS games. One of the best stories to come out in the past twenty years with phenomenal gunplay, Bioshock also features a variety of skips included cutscene skips and telekinetic jumps that allow us to bypass sections or perform death warps.
EcdycisEcdycis Silent Hill 2 New Game 1:05:00 PC USA Link New Game Normal Silent Hill 2 is the epitome of Horror. This run features James Sunderland as he shoots his way through Silent Hill. In addition there is also a quick save glitch that replenishes stamina and allows us to skip major parts of this game!
ArzgaArzga WWII: Soldier Any% 0:35:00 PS2 EUR Link Superior first person shooter with cutting edge graphics, ultrarealistic AI, high APM gameplay and hard but rewarding difficulty. I promise. The video is only for reference, I'm sorry I couldn't record a proper run myself.
tapiocatapioca Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D All Tournaments 0:15:00 GBP USA Link Every enemy is Oddjob from goldeneye and you have to crouch or your shots go over their head. They can force you to dodge shots on consecutive frames so you're locked in place until you inevitably die because the timing to dodge has built in input lag and an incorrect display. If you mash through menus frame perfectly you don't allow the game to advance the level counter and you have to do the last fight again. It's good for a laugh.
MunchaKoopasMunchaKoopas Iconoclasts Any% No Airswim 2:00:00 PC Link Iconoclasts is a great New indie game, but don't let indie fool you. This game is huge. This category is much longer than Any%, but is closer to a casual playthrough than the shorter category. My phone is old and lots of new tricks have been discovered since so I would have a but to learn. I am confident I can make a good showing. Video I use is not my phone but a live marathon run. This run does not have the 20 minutes of time save I have yet to learn in it.
KykystasKykystas Half-Life: Opposing Force WON scriptless 0:36:00 PC EUR Link bhop + shots
KykystasKykystas Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Any% Normal 1:10:00 PC EUR Link rocketjumps and shots
SphereSphere Daikatana Any% (PC) 0:55:00 PC EUR Link Because.
SpootySpooty Overload Cronus Frontier 0:40:00 PC Link Brand-spanking new fast-paced 6DoF shooter with some fun movement tech and plenty of robot carnage. It's a modern-day Descent in almost every sense!
ShaddexShaddex Darksiders Any% 1:25:00 PC Link Submission for henyk
ShaddexShaddex BioShock Infinite Any% (HRH Mod) 1:50:00 PS3 Link Submission for henyk
MageikkMageikk Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Mountain of the Sun 0:20:00 PC Link Turok 1 is a great run, but seen so many times already on basically every marathon. Mountain of the sun however is a custom map from the Steam workshop with so much content that it deserves its own speedrun. In addidtion to the map itself, some gameplay mechanics are also altered or new, such as a king of grappling hook or the updated minigun that can be daul wielded. 1-Hit mechnics where removed, the gun usage is actually necessary here, contrary to the main game. So it's fast paced, I have to actually shoot stuff, and ultimately kill multiple new bosses.
MageikkMageikk Drunken Robot Pornography Any% 1:05:00 PC Link The story is weird as the games name: Your robot bartender gained sentience, realized how horrible the world is and therefore is now trying to destroy it together with you other household robots. What you do is basically destroying a bunch of giant robots by shooting all their parts off until their core is exposed in a total of 52 individual levels. PS: Dont worry, no pornography included :D
[Deleted user] Half-Life Scriptless 0:40:00 PC USA Link Half-Life is a great speedrun with very little downtime, really cool movement, and unique gun usage that make it a joy to watch.
[Deleted user] Quake Easy Run 0:20:00 PC USA Link Quake is the grandpa of speedruns. The game is fast paced with a lot of neat movement and tricks using the various weapons in the game. The run features many unique levels and it doesn't have much repetition in how those levels are played out.
LonneLonne Dying Light The Following Co-Op (Any%) 0:15:00 PC EUR Link Short fun category of dying light LuckY
FroobFroob I wanna Become the Vegetable Any% 0:20:00 PC EUR Link Extremely short fangame with 3 bosses, but has a lot of shooting. Bit of a meme game, but has a lot of shooting over the three bosses. Estimate is a little bloated incase one of the bosses attempts to troll as it can
AlexaLilyAlexaLily Blue Reflection Beat the Game 5:45:00 PC USA Link You may be thinking "this is a JRPG with magical girls, not a shooter" but it has one girl with a gun in it who appears for at least several minutes total. In addition to that, there is a spell called "Shooting". If you accept this, I will talk about anime for close to six hours. That is both a promise and a threat.
FroobFroob I wanna be Friends Any% 0:40:00 PC EUR Link Short-ish neat fangame with twists Kojima would be proud of. Also good use of music, but it is licensed so... Estimate a bit bloated because vine jumps suck :)
AlexaLilyAlexaLily Toukiden 2 Unlock High Rank 3:45:00 PC USA Link Lots of evil demons that need to be shot lots of time over a relatively short period of time.
KanarisKanaris NieR: Automata [A] 1:28:00 PC EUR Link NieR: Automata features a great mix of combat, movement, and glitches. It also has Iots of PEW Pew! I currently hold the World Record, and since Halfcoordinated’s run about a year ago, the estimate has dropped by 30 mins! With access to double the damage, new and improved skips, streamlined movement, and the interweaving of powerful techniques once thought impossible, the skill ceiling has risen considerably. This run completes Ending [A], giving a small taste of the NieR: Automata experience. It’s sure not to disappoint! #Got2BRadical
havrdhavrd Nikita: The Mystery of The Hidden Treasure Maximum Number of Shots Fired 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Not Routed yet, but the maximum amount of shots fired will happen
havrdhavrd Nikita: The Mystery of The Hidden Treasure All Bosses 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Almost fully routed, atleast 3 shots will have to be fired. Also a few snowball shots