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I saw "Ooh a marathon" and planned a few games to submit, and when trying to submit one that actually was a shooter, my mind defaulted to a different game I submitted to a different marathon to submit first. I didn't plan to submit BiT Evolution, please remove it


Thanks for letting us know! I don't think we can actually remove runs, the srcom interface is pretty limited


Odd, I know a marathon I submitted that allows people to edit and delete their own submissions, so I know it's at least possible, but I have no clue how it works.


Should be able too.

P.S. Due to my kinda limited library of games, I don't have a (meme) (shooter) to submit. So, good luck. I'll be watching solely from the sidelines :]


Yeah, that isn't available for me. I've messaged Pac to see if we can get those options available.

P.S. I wish Goat Sim had a shooty add-on 🙁

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Don't want to flood the forum with threads and I don't know if the interface allows it, but I submitted Deadpool and a trick which is integral to running any% isn't working on my pc now, apparently, so I would like to clarify that I'd be running the NG+ version, which has marginal differences, and that my estimate would be a bit shorter potentially.

EDIT: The crash in question is triggered by me using game or window capture (but monitor capture apparently works). So I may still be able to run any% on NG. Regardless, I can run NG+ as the timeframe is marginally different if need be once the deadline approaches. I am trying to get someone in the OBS web boards to help me out.


I just gotta say something, I dunno why but I submitted Infamous 1/2 and I my brain didn't make the connection that this is a shooter marathon, so I submitted another game that I'd be willing to run again (BioShock 2 Minerva's Den), I prepared it for ESA but it didn't go through cuts.