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Hey, hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! 😃
I've picked up the game and while doing some general research last night I found out about Rev 00 and 01. I did some stuff and the difference turns out to be about 15%. Pal/Ntsc is 20% so it does make a difference, especially for a game with reactions timing involved for errors/corners.

Then I looked at the leaderboard as is, and timed each run. What surprised me was that Defanged's run seems to be using Rev 00, whereas most others are using Rev 01. Three runners seem to have significantly faster frame rates than DFD(!); guessing that might be caused by individual machines.

Would it be a good idea to standardise which Rev is used going forward? I feel like it'd be better that way than splitting times into separate spaces, and since there are control differences.


Yep, there are no emulators where rev0 runs correctly. The best Beginner run is about 18 seconds (!) faster than my 2nd place run in real time. I use rev0 on console simply because the controls feel much better than in rev1.



I have a lot to learn about managing around the AI bikes as is clear from my runs, but I'm curious have any of you found differences with them on other difficulty settings? I'm trying to find out whether there's something in my play style that puts me far more at the AI mercy than other top runners. I don't plan to try other difficulty settings for obvious reasons but if any of you notice quirks in my play please do let me know. It might also be because I base my play in corners off this TAS:


I didn't know there was a TAS. The emulation is so bad 🙁 I haven't used other difficulties because it requires accessing a hidden menu (although the rules don't mention anything about it).

I don't think there are many people that can give advice ;D You can get better just by playing other courses as well and then coming back to the Beginner course.


I think the TAS may have inaccuracies actually because its S4 is inferior to the best among our players. EDITED: I beat its S2:

Ok that's maybe a bit of boasting but I'd be super curious to know what everyone's PB single segments are for all the Beginner stages? It'd be nice to get an idea where the absolute limit of the game is from the human perspective!

My best splits: