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For a laugh I decided to see whether I could complete the Africa and Asia courses while running my emulator at 90fps. I actually turned out very respectable times that could go lower, as well as destroying my fingers 😃 If anyone else is interested in making this into a bit of a fun side category then feel free to submit runs here.

Meanwhile if anyone is interested I was toying around with RAM watches and found potentially useful ways to change some addresses to train certain things. This includes ways to make your bike immune to the position-bounce from other riders (but the speed still decreases), and ways to fix your x-position in the middle of the track and fix your speed if you want to quickly look through the entire of a track. If any of the mods feel it's inappropriate to say that then please let me know, I'll refrain from posting the specifics until I get approval.
You can enjoy the insanity here: