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Timing starts on Main Mode selects and ends on "Kirby Master!" cutscene appears.
I do six resets in this category.
If there is a problem, please point out now.
I'm going to run still.


We can skip Extra Mode Ending Cutscene by + button.
I estimate Wii U is 50 seconds slower than Wii by resetting.
Considering the load, there may be little difference between Wii and Wii U.

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What do you think about that it is impossible to prove single-segments with image proof in Dededetour?


In any case, this category will require the task of finally confirming the crown.
It is reasonable to set when confirmed crown.


About 100% + DLC, There is one problem.
It is where to set the timing end.
Because the order of every modes is free.
I think when beat Void in Soul Melter EX is good, but we need to discuss about this.


Removing his record has several problems.

1. He ran to seriously without cheating, leaving a great record.
That record should remain forever.

2. Removing Sokuno's record, Dan gets WR.
Someone may think that you got WR unjustly because you are a moderator.

3. Also someone may think we should remove Dan's record,
because Physical version WR is Dan's record.

4. Removing his record spoils the WR history.

5. Sokuno's record is famous to Japanese people.
He has also made Japanese commentary videos.
Removing his record would antagonize the Japanese.

These problems can be solved by separating leaderboards.
Even though this is troublesome, you should do this.


About Any%,
There is a possibility that more glitches will be fixed in the future.
If removing WR, we have to remove WR every time it gets delayed by bug fix.
I don't think it is a good idea.


I have a question.

I want to run this full-game category, but currntly there are no videos in all record.
How should I learn?
Personally, I think that the world record of the full-game category needs video.


I was misunderstanding. I'm sorry.

I want the image to be put in "Description" not "Video link", but this may be difficult to change.
If you can do it, you can tell from the leaderboard whether there is a movie in the record.


I feel that All Sunstones category is boring.
I think it is better to put AS in the Misc category.
What do you think?


I made the rules a bit clearer.
I added the video requirements to the rules.

Any% - sub 30
All Platinum Trophies - All runs

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Thank you very much!


That's limited to KRtDL.
Wii is easier to obtain.
But that is not important.

I decided to run without banning reset.
I don't know if I actually run.


In my opinion, I think that few people seriously run this category.
So, it may be better not to create strict rules.


I thought for a moment.
Regardless of whether resetting or not, differences will arise depending on the platform.
And Wii is more popular than WiiU.
For many people, I think that it is more convenient if the Wii is faster.
It may seem that some runners do not want to run the rules.

Whether or not to reset might be better to leave it to individual freedom.


Tentatively, "All Platinum Medals" should be changed to "All Platinum Trophies".
Other than that there will be room for discussion.


I agree to ban the reset.
In my opinion, if there is a clear difference between hardware in a way that does not require skills, it's better to ban that way.
However, it seems to be a difficult problem to decide by few people.
It may be better to hear the opinions of the entire Kirby community.

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I agree that Any% is not necessary to remove.
I think that it is better to call "Normal Ending" (I don't know the official name in English).
Because it is difficult to decide the definition of beating the game, I think that it is not necessary to call "Any%" or "Beat the game".

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It may be too late, I have questions about this leaderboard.

First of all, I think unnatural that we are calling "Any%".
Credits by beating 6 normal levels is unlocked from the beginning, I oppose this as a definition of beat the game.
Also, because it can be said that this category has little competitiveness, it is a category that does not personally feel the necessity.

Secondly, About we are calling "All Platinum Medals".
In secret levels, there is a case in which no platinum trophy can be obtained even by getting all of the platinum medal.
So we should be calling "All Platinum Trophies".

Finally, is it really necessary for the category we call "Secret Ending"?
This category has all stages duplicated with "All Platinum Medals".
In my opinion, it seems good to put it in the Misc category.

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In 2-3, You can get CC(2) using Jet.
3-7 before Susie route is faster. It was compared by dk3.


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