I would like to request some changes be made to this game. They only seem to take into account Japanese players.

When I try to compare my record (as a test) using LiveSplit, it compares it with the SFC world record. The DS and SFC play very differently. LiveSplit also doesn't have an option to select PAL or NTSC-U regions for the DS.

The dungeon selections don't take into account any of the dungeons added to the NDS port or specify NDS rules. The NDS intro is longer than the SFC by several minutes and making a brand new save every time you die would be insanely time-wasting and un-enjoyable.

The rules in general are pretty vague and only link to a Japanese fan community.

The rules I've been playing with after making a new save on my second NDS cart that work pretty well.

Starting riceball: Optional.
Item carry in: None
NPC interaction: Minimal - Smiths, shopkeepers and some beneficial dungeon NPCs
Rescues: Waste of time
Storehouses: None
Side ques progression: Not allowed

This gives me a mostly blank slate with the exception of a small cutscene that plays in the first town shop on your first time visiting it.