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With clone fight one-shots no longer a worry thanks to healing item cheese, there's no mechanical reason to limit STR duping. We could go all the way to 500 if we wanted... though I suspect diminishing returns set in pretty quick.

I just did a few runs going to 200. I'm pretty trash at duping, especially extended duping like the Power Wine dupe, but I was still able to pull in a 1:39 with a fairly rough run. It has me wondering what optimal STR target would be.

I chose 200-225 for the specific reason that it allows you to destroy everything but 'heavy' enemies like Golems with one Claw flurry up until Chaos Castle. After that you need to resort to knife spins. 250+ STR may let you claw flurry everything there too, but I don't personally feel it's worthwhile.

200 STR also lets you kill the first two limbs of Vatali in one cycle without Guts, kill two balls on the Dryazhek snake in one knife spin, and two-cycle Dark Mistress.

I guess I just feel like these are all breakpoints that'd need significant more STR to surpass, and then you're moving into diminishing returns.

Maybe we need to do some Math here 😱 Anyone have thoughts?

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Glad to hear that cheese helped out, and congrats on the World.

we can do some maths here but I think you got it right. I have been doing 150 but by the time I get to ice cave my damage is already falling off again, once I get better at duping I will probably up it.

If your quick enough There maybe room for a quick dupe near the end before the last 2 bosses, egg room or something to try and top off strength to hit a breakpoint there?

How fast can you dupe to screen limit? once you know that you can math out a good idea of how much time it takes to dupe to the next breakpoint.


Ok so in your WR you dupe to screen limit at about 30 seconds per go not including setting to your use slot. this could be marginally faster but this is already really close to as fast as possible while still allowing human error. in total going from 16 to 200 took you 8mins.
This further breaks down to about 30 str per min doing the dupe assuming your keeping this pace. Which is I think only really helps assert that 200 is the ending point unless "maybe" your doing all dungeons. maybe if you could find a better weapon near guaranteed during the run at this late stage I could see duping past a breakpoint being worth it, but other wise your just better off spending the time using guts and healing items.