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I'm going to go in order for the run, but to start things. You have the choice of running English or Japanese, English as far as we understand is the fastest version right now.

Make sure to check the post on downgrading. (SEE: )

Stolen bag new route for HD version

Doesn't need to be done on the original version but must be done on the re-release.

Route back to Man Mo after Delin skip

top left = green > south > wise > man mo 1st
top right = green > golden > lucky > man mo 4th
bottom left = green > white > lucky > man mo 3rd
bottom right = green > white > south > wise > man mo 2nd

Loading times are better on the re-release so only follow this if you run re-release, original version, keep with the old route.

Start of library service to collect antiques

After talking to the guy at collect antiques, 180 turn, open menu and go back to the inventory page.
These are re-release only timesaves.

Fast cups cutscene at dou jiang
Enter left door, hold left, triggers cutscene instantly.
Can be done on original and re-release.

Finding Ren after giving him $500

(bottom left is old route, top right is new route)
Can be done on original and re-release.

1BF consistent

Can be done on original and re-release.

floor 5 of the yellow head building
Can be done on original and re-release.


Can be done on original and re-release.

Skipping second herb cutscene

Re-release only.

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Buying the map after the tree, this results in a 13 second timesave, you will need to find new references for the man mo map glitch and the book skip map glitch. I have included my references. (NOTE: references are 4:3)


Scarlet hills is ahead captain obvious cutscene skip

Reroute of pawnshop order


new way to do the old spooky ghost strat, first use right analogue to look down at sign then zoom in and do the glitch pretty neat ey


New sticks route in autoscroller
EDIT: no sound btw, I was listening to music. Starts first frame you enter the cave, ends the first frame after the subtitle disappears for "We have enough firewood"


More likely to happen that chow, not something for new runners.