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Seeing as we didn't have a basic strat sharing thread yet, I thought I'd make this.

I'll kick it off by showing off this highlight of my strat I use for the 2nd limo in Apu's mission "...and Baby Makes 8". I dunno if anyone else uses it but I find it pretty reliable for me.


When I can do that without crashing into the fountain, I'll be a happy man 😛

Anyway, I came accross a slightly better Wiggum escape in Bart's fireworks mission. I haven't used it that much yet, but so far it seems completely reliable.


That Wiggum escape strat works for me every single time.

This is a strat I came up with for the armored truck. It is pretty hard to pull off and a lot of RNG is involved. He likes to get himself unstuck if you don't get him between the stairs and the railing. I only have been able to do it good like 3 times and I have tried it ALOT.

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Not a strat as such, but I've typed up my (terrible and unclear) route notes for 100%:

I figure when it's compared to other routes, it'll be easy to find timesaves. Sub 4h hype.


At the end of 4-7, when escaping from Wiggum we can just get out and enter the Simpsons house (an automatic mission complete). Probably a 5-10 second timesave. Credit to LiquidWifi for making me realise this is faster than our current strat.


I'm working on routing some missions for a cheats% run. Here's what I got for Alien "Auto"topsy Part I. Perhaps we shoud make a new thread for cheats% strats?

What to do:
Begin the mission as normal, collect the map and get to your vehicle as fast as possible. Once you have the nuclear waste attached to your vehicle use the "Press horn to jump" cheat (left left left right) to get out of bounds. Then turn left and start driving towards where the school would be. After a while your mini-map will adjust and the blue circle indicating where to go will have changed positions. Head towards that. Once far enough you will see a blue marker ahead of you, once you see that blue marker reset your car. Then if you turn around you will see the unidentified flying object, and drive into it to end the mission. Whilst doing that run over to Snake who will be below you, while you're stood on an invisible floor. If you kick Snake it is likely he will rise up to slightly higher than the level you are on and you will be able to speak to him and start the next mission. The kicking Snake trick doesn't always work but for the most part it seems to.

NOTE: Be careful driving around and / or heading to the area with the unidentified flying object whilst you have nuclear waste attached to your car since there are a lot of invisible walls around the area, since you are not out of bounds, you are just in an unloaded part of the map.


Not a strat as such, more of a glitch, but someone might find use for it, and this seems like the best thread to put it in. The Ghost road glitch. Tutorial enclosed.

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Wouldn't call this a strat, but more an alternitive for getting on the C. Spanker. It's about as fast as going the normal way, but if you use the malibu stacy car (like I did), it's actually faster.


Here is a list of cars that can do that clip in order of easiness of doing the clip:
Hover Car
70s Sports Car
Globex Super Villain Car
Open Wheel Race Car
Police Car
Mr Burn's Limo
Zombie Car
36 Stutz Bearcat

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A couple reset strats I found ages age that might help, since no one seems to remember them.
Note: on the first one you have to turn a bit to the left or you will end up being faced in the wrong direction once you respawn at the end of the road.


New Limo Strat I found during a Lvl 3 IL. It's much faster than the old strat and could be used outside of NG+


Found this during an Any% run. It might be PS2 only, i'm not sure though

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This is possible on other platforms, yeah. I have done it both of PS2 and PC myself while testing Bingo stuff.

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Trying to get this consistent, but it is faster than getting the curator launch

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Because we dont have documentation about it, handbrake glitch:
1. Reverse
2. Tap handbrake
3. Accelerate a lot faster

Very helpful in Smithers and Bonfire etc

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Very useful in 100% saying as you cant destroy the boxes

(edited: )

I found something very interesting regarding the cutscene in level 4. If you mash START after talking to grandpa to trigger the cutscene at the end of the mission, there's like 1 frame just as it fades to full black where you can pause it. It you restart the mission, the game crashes. If you cancel the mission, the cutscene plays, but you have to do the mission all over again.

But the interesting thing is that if you quit to the main menu and start a new game, this cutscene plays instead of the normal introductory cutscene. However, it's just nothing but black after that. I think I managed to store the cutscene or something.

The audio in the video is from a gta v speedrunner i was watching at the time, so just ignore it. The video starts on the save-stated frame where I was able to pause. It's 3am here in UK atm, so I'll see if I can find anything else in the morning.


What happens if you quit the game then resume game, I assume you watch the cutscene and/or have to do the mission again


Yep, the cutscene plays and you have to do the mission again. I managed to store the Flowers by Irene cutscene in level 1, but that doesn't seem to have any uses either, though it's more interesting since the mission hasn't started before that cutscene plays so you can mission select, but they all seem to crash the game except from choosing the same mission again, which plays the cutscene, and then crashes.

Even if we did find something, it'd be difficult to make this rta viable, because it's a single frame you have to hit, and since you're mashing START it's very easy to mash for too long, and accidentally close the menu when you get the frame.

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