Any% - PC in 1h 00m 08s* by CodyJE21CodyJE21 (Obsolete)

Time with loads: 1h 02m 07s

FPS: 120
Submitted by:
CodyJE21CodyJE21 on
Played on:
PC on
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Spruce37Spruce37 on


Name Duration Finished at
-The Cola Caper 1m 14s 000ms 1m 14s 723ms
-S-M-R-T 0m 59s 000ms 2m 13s 739ms
-Petty Theft Homer (SKIP) 1m 35s 000ms 3m 49s 308ms
-Office Spaced (SKIP) 1m 25s 000ms 5m 15s 154ms
-Blind Big Brother 0m 57s 000ms 6m 12s 462ms
-Flowers By Irene (SKIP) 1m 47s 000ms 8m 00s 152ms
-Bonestorm Storm (SKIP) 1m 07s 000ms 9m 07s 357ms
{Homer 1} The Fat and the Furious 1m 10s 000ms 10m 18s 186ms
-DDD 0m 54s 000ms 11m 12s 197ms
-Weapons Of Mass Delinquency (SKIP) 1m 36s 000ms 12m 49s 128ms
-Vox Nerduli 1m 01s 000ms 13m 50s 740ms
-Bart N' Frink (SKIP) 0m 48s 000ms 14m 39s 256ms
-Better Than Beef (SKIP) 0m 44s 000ms 15m 23s 382ms
-Monkey See Monkey D'oh (SKIP) 1m 34s 000ms 16m 57s 863ms
{Bart 1} Cell-Outs 2m 10s 000ms 19m 08s 077ms
-Nerd Race Queen (SKIP) 0m 55s 000ms 20m 03s 797ms
-Clueless (SKIP) 1m 00s 000ms 21m 04s 036ms
-Bonfire Of The Manatees (SKIP) 0m 59s 000ms 22m 03s 754ms
-Operation Hellfish (SKIP) 0m 45s 000ms 22m 49s 155ms
-Slithery Sluething (SKIP) 0m 44s 000ms 23m 33s 174ms
-Fishy Deals (SKIP) 2m 41s 000ms 26m 14s 270ms
{Lisa} The Old Pirate and the Sea 2m 09s 000ms 28m 23s 363ms
-For A Few Donuts More (SKIP) 0m 41s 000ms 29m 04s 949ms
-Redneck Roundup (SKIP) 1m 02s 000ms 30m 07s 206ms
-Ketchup Logic (SKIP) 0m 49s 000ms 30m 56s 712ms
-Return Of The Nearly Dead 0m 47s 000ms 31m 44s 098ms
-Wolves Stole My PBs (SKIP) 1m 01s 000ms 32m 45s 894ms
-The Cola Wars 2m 17s 000ms 35m 03s 245ms
{Marge} From Outer Space (SKIP) 2m 34s 000ms 37m 38s 080ms
-Incriminating Caffiene (SKIP) 1m 20s 000ms 38m 58s 872ms
-... And Baby Makes 8 1m 17s 000ms 40m 16s 661ms
-Eight Is Too Much (SKIP) 0m 57s 000ms 41m 14s 238ms
-This Little Piggy (SKIP) 1m 33s 000ms 42m 47s 503ms
-Never Trust A Snake (SKIP) 0m 53s 000ms 43m 40s 562ms
-Kwik Cash (SKIP) 0m 37s 000ms 44m 18s 347ms
{Apu} Curious Curator 1m 25s 000ms 45m 43s 677ms
-Going To The 'Lu (SKIP) 0m 51s 000ms 46m 34s 690ms
-Getting Down With The Clown (SKIP) 0m 59s 000ms 47m 34s 148ms
-Lab Coat Caper (SKIP) 0m 45s 000ms 48m 19s 809ms
-Duff For Me Duff For You (SKIP) 1m 37s 000ms 49m 56s 947ms
-Full Metal Jackass 0m 53s 000ms 50m 50s 449ms
-Set To Kill (SKIP) 0m 59s 000ms 51m 49s 766ms
{Bart 2} Kang and Kodos Strike Back 1m 17s 000ms 53m 07s 571ms
-Rigor Motors (SKIP) 1m 49s 000ms 54m 57s 401ms
-Long Black Probes (SKIP) 1m 22s 000ms 56m 20s 335ms
-Pocket Protector (SKIP) 0m 41s 000ms 57m 01s 391ms
-There's Something About Monty (SKIP) 1m 12s 000ms 58m 13s 889ms
-Alien "Auto"topsy I 1m 05s 000ms 59m 19s 136ms
-Alien "Auto"topsy II 1m 09s 000ms 1h 00m 29s 055ms
{Homer 2} Alien "Auto"topsy III 1m 37s 000ms 1h 02m 07s 011ms
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