Any% - 1.01 in 6m 23s 020ms by Genkii123Genkii123 (Obsolete)

Pretty good run. There is still room to improve Deadman's Swing and some of the later levels.

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Name Duration Finished at
The Awakened 0m 09s 552ms 0m 09s 552ms
Spider's Tower 0m 46s 257ms 0m 55s 809ms
The Knights 0m 43s 902ms 1m 39s 711ms
Deadman Swing 0m 40s 367ms 2m 20s 078ms
Ground Strike 0m 50s 870ms 3m 10s 948ms
Bow Mastery 0m 30s 280ms 3m 41s 228ms
The Archers 0m 35s 162ms 4m 16s 390ms
Arrows & Swords 0m 33s 129ms 4m 49s 519ms
Bad Magic 0m 47s 329ms 5m 36s 848ms
Last Castle 0m 46s 177ms 6m 23s 025ms
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