Any% - 1.01 in 6m 43s by Genkii123Genkii123 (Obsolete)

The recording got messed up in the middle. I'll try to get a better run with a good recording but ill put this up for now. Good run though.

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Name Duration Finished at
The Awakened 0m 09s 000ms 0m 09s 898ms
Spider's Tower 0m 48s 000ms 0m 58s 094ms
The Knights 0m 44s 000ms 1m 42s 491ms
Deadman Swing 0m 48s 000ms 2m 31s 309ms
Ground Strike 0m 51s 000ms 3m 22s 413ms
Bow Mastery 0m 33s 000ms 3m 55s 710ms
The Archers 0m 37s 000ms 4m 33s 239ms
Arrows & Swords 0m 34s 000ms 5m 07s 872ms
Bad Magic 0m 46s 000ms 5m 54s 111ms
Last Castle 0m 48s 000ms 6m 42s 554ms
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