Any% in 6h 00m 25s by Jace174Jace174 - 1st place

The run was recorded using XRecorder from the Play Store. I did not know beforehand that it would split the recording into 7 parts. This resulted in jumps occurring in-between the parts, which is a no-no in speedruns. I want to apologize for that inconvenience and won't use the software again. However I'm sure that it's ok, as the run is still entirely coherent. I also put timestamps for all jumps in the description.
Regarding the final time, the run with jumps is 6h 1s long. Therefore I took the time I had on a separate stopwatch, which is 6h 25s.

That's it \o/

modnote: due to the special circumstances we'll allow this run this time, but next run should have an uninterrupted video and be retimed. that is all OwO

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