UFO Ending and Sexy Beam Damage
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UFO Ending and Sexy Beam Damage
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Is UFO typically run on Easy/Easy or some version of Beginner? (EDIT: Beginner is used.)

Does anyone have a firm understanding of how exactly Sexy Beam deals its damage? Enemies seem to take vastly varying amounts of shots to kill with the homing version. Do enemies just have varying health pools? I-Frames? Some combination?

Also curious as to the damage stats of the two components of the homing beam and the stats on eye beams.

Basically, any information about the mechanics surrounding Sexy Beam properties would be appreciated.

UPDATE: I did find some information on Silent Hill Heaven about possible damage and life values. Will try to test it out a bit to see if they make any sense.

Sexy Beam (Information from http://silenthillforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22311 )

Homing Attack: 200 (odd considering Heather Beam has damage per projectile on the same page.) Eye Beams: Otherworldly (?) capable of dealing 1,000 damage in about one second.

Enemies (Easy HP Totals for relevant UFO enemies. Information from http://silenthillforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22292 )

Closers: 1150-1250 Numb Body: 294-343, 420-490, 504-588 Pendulum: 200-400, 300-500 Doublehead: 570-630 Slurper (Copper): 560-640

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7 years ago

Because it's a NG+ category Beginner is allowed. So most run on that, which could effect those values.

California, USA

Yeah I had found this out a while ago. Should have updated.

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