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SH3 Roller Coaster Key Skip


now this could be good


I did some napkin math:

If you skip going into that shop entirely and don't get the key, you can't get the third ampoule. I don't know if there's any other convenient ampoules to grab, so I just assumed instead that you'd not use the first ampoule you'd normally use. The second ampoule is more worthwhile to use since it covers a longer stretch of travel (back to apartment and then all the way to amusement park) and you do need the Ampoule at the end to not die except maybe on NG+?

The excursion into the shop to get that key takes about 14-15 seconds-ish. Time saved from the first ampoule use is uhhhh...I dunno like 3-5 seconds or something? Either way with the current route its better to drop an Ampoule usage and do this skip instead, and it's a decent chunk of time. Probably about a good 10 seconds saved, total. The full 14-15 seconds on NG+ since you don't need the third ampoule at all.

Haven't tried to replicate it myself on PC yet. I would test PS2 but I put it in storage yesterday. Fine timing. Nevertheless.


Shunpuk just sent me a message saying it works at the start of the game in the dream lmfaoooooo

doesn't give you the pendant though so unless the game farts it into your inventory at some point you might still be fucked


It's no good in the dream anyway, the game will crash after the cinematic at the end of the track. (On PC)

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On PS2 it doesn't crash, but you can get as far as the church but you don't have the pendant, so it's a no-go, it seems?

this is what Shunpuk is telling me at any rate


I tried both teleporting in and out of the booth and giving myself the key a while ago to see if it was possible, but since it always crashed I never went back to it. I'd have to check but it might be possible to OoB to the god room, I think it's in the same level as some parts of the chapel, but I might be wrong, it has been a while.


Hello everyone, some of you already know me from a couple different Twitch chats. I sometimes run the PS2 PAL version of SH3, easy/easy, just for fun, but I still haven't submitted my PB cause I don't have any capture card yet. Anyways, today I did a few tests regarding the third ampoule. I got to the end of the Chapel with yellow health, on purpose, and found out that a medkit is enough to beat the final boss. I equipped a medkit before using the Aglaophatis and used it after taking three hits from "god". I repeated the same test 5 times and always survived. That means you can use two ampoules when running from/to Jack's Inn cause you don't need one for the final boss. IMO, the easiest medkit pickup is the one in the Oxydol cabinet, in Hilltop, and as you all know the one on the train is on the route too. Picking up one or two extra items (you will most likely pickup a health drink from the cabinet too) will not mess up your menuing too much, also cause that section of the inventory is only used twice in the game (that is, if you have to equip the medkit before the final boss). Btw, the Roller Coaster Key Skip works perfectly fine on the PS2 PAL version of the game as well, both in the nightmare and later on in the game. Sorry for boring you to tears with such a looooong and tedious comment, take care everyone :)


I must correct what I said: in the nightmare intro the glitch works fine but the game will crash after the cutscene. No problem in the real Lakeside. All my tests were made using the PAL version of the game on my fat PS2 (SCPH-50004). My previous comment was referring only to turning the coaster off both in the nightmare and in the real Lakeside, sorry if it sounded a bit misunderstandable.

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