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I am trying to get this added as a misc category to add a layer of true difficulty to any% runs. I myself am not a speedrunner but I am trying my best to get a decent time. If approved I'll provide my save files for anyone to download.


I don't see why it would be a problem but imo it should only be added on the site after a run with video is recorded. Personally I think the idea of Extreme X/Hard being a speedrun a little silly.


If we were going for the difficulty side of things, I think Extreme 10 would be a good idea but at the same time I don't know if many people would bother with it. In the same way 10 Star is usually kind of empty; Silent Hill combat has never really been the series forte.

Any% is difficult in the sense that it's really hard to get a good time. I mean the game in terms of difficulty itself is laughably easy, but I've never thought of Silent Hill as being a speedrun series that takes its difficult in enemies, but rather movement.

After full routing, Extreme 10 would probably end up being just as simple as Easy/Easy really because rather than going in blindly without everything planned out ahead... you'll have ammo counts, enemies that need to be killed etc all tallied in your head.


I'm glad i've peeked some interest! I'm in the process of routing and practicing as of now and probably will start submitting videos in the coming months.


For the purposes of speedrunning Extreme 1-X and Hard are basically the same thing. The only thing that'll change is you'll need more stamina recovery, maybe. The boss strats are exactly the same. Unless the supply availability value removes ammunition you need which I don't think it does.


I would still say 10 Star is more interesting, IMO.

Doing standard Extreme without bullet adjust and so on would just come down to luck mostly. Similar to how Nurses in SH2 Normal will randomly attack you even with the flashlight off. The enemies in Silent Hill are able to be dodged but it doesn't always come down to skill; just a dice roll. That's how combat in Silent Hill has always been. Just ask the Silent Hill 1 runners about the pterodactyls, or the enemies in the sewer.

Easy combat difficulty was probably chosen for this exact reason, most likely, although I haven't been here since the beginning so correct me if I'm wrong. Easy removes a lot of the chances of enemies getting in your way. Look at the Slurpers, even on Easy there is no guaranteed way to avoid those fuckers. Now imagine trying to get perfect movement with every single enemy in the game having the aggro of the slurpers magnified.

You'd be basically taking what Easy/Easy already offers, which is a run with very good movement (and I challenge anyone who thinks Easy/Easy isn't difficult to beat the top time) and adding a ton of number generators constantly to steal seconds for zero reason. This isn't Resident Evil where movement matters against enemies; the enemies on Silent Hill's hardest difficulty don't give a fuck about your movement, they'll hit you or block you regardless.

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