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Just wondering if there's any other possible OoBs for NG+? Parallax told me yesterday there's one for the Chapel I was unaware of which as of now doesn't really have any use, but are there any others?

One other that might be possible (it might have already been tested and found not to be possible) is entering the Carousel where the Horses / Alessa fight take place.

My reasoning is it's a similar sort of transition as going up the stairs in the mall: No pressing a button to enter a door, etc, you just walk far enough onto the Carousel from the previous screen and then it transitions you.

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I saw this earlier but completely forgot to reply to it.

The OOB Parallax was referring to is actually different to the NG+ OOB. It involves using an enemy's attack to clip you through a wall.

I've only been able to produce it about 2 or 3 times ever, it's extremely random and may be based on framerate too. As you may have noticed physics, hitboxes etc. change a bit at lower framerates. I capped my game to 20fps to achieve this and I don't recall if I ever managed to reproduce it at higher framerates. In theory though, you could technically get OOB anywhere in the game that there is an enemy with an attack that knocks you over like this.

Most of the areas in the game for the NG+ method have been tested already and for the most part they're all useless. The main problem with the OOB using the costume cutscene is that it sends you backwards almost every time. If you use it on the transition between Silent Hill and the Amusement Park it sends you back to the Hilltop area.

I don't actually recall if I've tested the horses part, but something is telling me I tried it and for some reason it just doesn't work in that area. Logic would dictate that it would also take you back to Hilltop like the other transition in the Amusement Park, but I'll do some testing again.

At this point it looks more likely that someone would have to find a modification of the glitch or a new glitch altogether rather than a new area to use it in.

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Yeah, just seen what you mean after watching your wrong warp video from a while back.

Just wonder why the others warp you back to Hilltop, weird.

I'm guessing maybe the reason why it massively bugs out from Silent Hill > Lakeside might be because after the transition there's a cutscene and you're not in immediate control unlike in the Mall so it doesn't have any point of reference as to where you are / should be after you do it? Just a guess.


Gonna link a video similar to the above one just in case. Feel free to experiment if interested, runners.

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I can't even begin to imagine the average NG run if that was somehow implemented through sheer persistence in every area of the game.


In SH2 you can clip catacomb monster through wall with shotgun hit. Happened 2 times in my runs.

Also monster is killed with 1 shotgun shell more often if James is pushed against the wall.

Since game engines are the same in SH2/SH3, these two examples might have something in common.

Edit: I found memory address that cycles animation on the monster, capped CPU cycles via BES to 95% to see value of flying animation when you hit him with shotgun. Then I uncapped CPU cycles, locked memory address on flying animation value and pushed monster into the wall like this, he stuck but he went throught a little bit. Maybe clipping has something to do with animations rather than FPS.

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