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Leaderboard question

Why all the categories are mixed? I mean, it´s obviusly that on pc you will get better times, i think that is unfair for console runners.

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It's been a topic of discussion for some time now, with some community members being for and against splitting up console and pc. The thought with the current leaderboard setup is you can filter out PC if you want to, and just compare against the consoles. Some have also made a slippery slope argument with separating PC and Console, in terms of having more divisions be argued for in the future.

I still think that the leaderboards should be split up, but I understand the argument behind not doing it. If enough people ran console, it could happen. But as it stands now, most people run PC because it is the fastest version. Console runners (and runners in general) for this game are few and far between.

P.S. Please don't repost the same thread multiple times, as it clutters up the forum.

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It's never bothered me personally, I run plenty of games where console is lumped in with PC. Like Ply said, simply use the filters. I think it would be better if we had filters and sub filters like:


Computers > PC, Mac Consoles > PS2, Xbox

For example, where you can choose to see all console runs rather than specific platforms, but thats up to the site itself.

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both of the other speedruns in your profile are on PC lol

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I understand the point guys, i had played sh2 on pc but i never run it, and i thinking about to run the game on a ps2 but still waiting for a game capture. this sh is still being my favorite.


Also i have another question about the igt on ps2, how can i do that? i mean, it supossed that on ps2 you can´t open livesplit or other timer, so, what´s the tool or trick, i don´t know if you guys understand my point.


You just go by real time like any other console speedrun. There's no way to "capture" the IGT unless you're on an emulator which isn't allowed anyway.

Ultimately using a timer/splits with SH is only for you to keep track because the only time that matters is on the results screen.


Thank you for answer.


Hey, have a couple of question regarding the game, which version are you using for run, and how can i set the game to window mode and 60 fps, also i was wonder if someone can add a new guide for the puzzle in his differents modes of difficulty

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Changing the framerate is banned, as per the rules. If you play Normal puzzle, it is the same as the other runs on the board. Hard is a bit different for a few puzzles (coins, bust solution is random in labyrinth, code for floor 3(?)). Some people use DXWND or mods to set windowed mode. Version of PC doesn't matter, though you may get different stability depending on Director's Cut or NTSC-U (aka not Director's Cut).

I'm sure puzzle solutions are accessible online elsewhere.

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Thanks, i was asking about the frames because i saw in a post that someone says that, so, thanks anyway, it is necessary to use in game timer with livesplit?

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It's not required, but it is recommended. I personally use SHsplit in the resources rather than livesplit, as I have found greater ease of use with that program and SH2.

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