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Submissions will be open from 21st May to 17th June 2018.
(21.5. - 17.6.2018)

When you submit a game, please elaborate on your run and category, why it should be accepted and other essential information you think we should be aware of.

If you want to add further information after submitting your run(s), please post an answer here. For example, if you could afford to lower your run estimates etc.


Submissions closed this Sunday at midnight, thank you each and everyone of you who submitted games for Speed Games United Summer 2018!

First draft of schedule should be live in aprox. 1 week. Look forward to it!

From the looks of it, SGU Summer 2018 will be a 3-day event from Thursday to Saturday, but please wait for the schedule draft for the finalized dates. Thursday 2nd of August would also be the opening day of Assembly Summer.

We wish you're all having a nice summer and hope to see you at SGU!


Hey, because my brain farted big time when I was submitting my game, there was section when I would available to play the game. I left it blank but now i remember that summer Assembly starts at thursday (oops!), so I won't be available for thursday and friday until 5 pm. After that, I'm game. Sorry for any trouble!