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Speed Games United 2019
1 - 4 August 2019
Helsinki, Finland




We ask everyone attending Speed Games United to read this post in full. If you have any questions, head to our Discord server and ask away!

Speed Games United (SGU for short) is an international speedrunning marathon organized by the Finnish speedrunning association FinnRuns ry.
Speed Games United 2019 will take place at Finland's biggest LAN party Assembly Summer in Messukeskus, Helsinki.

We welcome speedrunners from all around the world! Commentary and hosting will be in English.

We will be streaming on our partner channel, European Speedrunner Assembly.

Stream times
Stream will start on Thursday, August 1st 4pm EEST.
Stream will end on Saturday, August 3th 11pm EEST.



Runners that are members of FinnRuns association will get into the event free of charge. Non-members have to secure their own admission to the venue.



Code of conduct

Speed Games United is a laidback event and we want to keep it that way. Regardless of that, we ask you to consider that you will be representing the event and speedrunning as a hobby.

Twitch Terms of Service and Assembly Rules and Etiquette are also in place at our event.

In commentaries, stay clear of these topics/actions:
- politics
- personal attacks
- bigotry

tl;dr Memes are OK as long as they avoid above mentioned topics. :---)

People who fail to follow guidelines are first asked to stop or adjust their behaviour. Multiple offenses will get you removed from the event.

No ruleset is perfect and comprehensive enough to cover everything. If anything happens during our events that bothers you, be sure to contact the organizers and we will sort things out privately with you.

These events are a community effort and we want Speed Games United to be a safe and fun environment for everybody!


Game submissions

We are interested in regular speedruns, races, randomizers, showcases, tutorials, you name it! We are open to more "out there" ideas so if you think you have a good idea for marathon content, discuss the idea with us and let's see if we can make it work!

Regarding the level of play required in our marathons: we want you to do your best and have fun. This will vary from person to person, but bottom line is that we don't require WR level of play. Most likely your effort will shine through and we (the organizers) will be the judges. Take the marathon, the cause and the community effort seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously!

Depending on the amount of games in the marathon, longer games might be relegated to night shifts.

Run estimates should take into account everything that could go wrong rather than cutting it too close.

Pay extra attention when filling the submission form that you tell us your availability during the event.

Submission phases for SGU 2019
These phases work around ESA submissions so people have the possibility to plan around both events if need be.

1st phase: 15-30 April
2nd phase: 6-14 May
3rd phase: 3-9 June

3rd phase will take place if the schedule still has room for games/etc.

Games are accepted/cut after each phase. This allows people to make plans ASAP.
You can submit games in multiple phases.

Final schedule: May 27th / June 12th depending on phase 3



We will have modern PC setups for PC runners at the venue. Runners will pre-install their games and should make sure they can arrive early enough to secure their game on the PC that is used.

Consoles are handled on a case-by-case basis and divided between retro and modern. In most cases, players bring their own consoles.

For retro consoles we prioritize using RGB / component video.

Following retro consoles will be provided by us due to required mods for output:
NES NTSC - AV Famicom with RGB mod
SNES NTSC - 1CHIP with RGB mod (Super Game Boy 2 also available)
N64 NTSC - with RGB mod

We have cables for most consoles that don’t require mods for RGB/component (ie. Playstation).

Modern consoles are straightforward enough due to HDMI.

Remember to bring your own controllers!

If you have questions / requests, contact us on Discord.



We need volunteers to make this all happen as smoothly as possible!

Application Form

We are looking for:
- tech volunteers ~ helping setup between games and control during runs
- host volunteers ~ short skits between games, donation reading
- social media volunteers ~ help our head of social media Saallotar
- chat moderators ~ keep the chat clean!

We will teach you everything you need to know, your main job is to be available and eager to help! If you want to apply for another position later, fill the form again.

As a volunteer you commit to help us for an agreed and appointed amount of time. We require at least 8 hours of volunteer work throughout the event. Work shifts will be handled closer to the event.

Volunteers will get free admittance to the event, regardless of membership mentioned before in this post.

We will take applications until June 30th 2019.
We will contact accepted volunteers roughly few days later.



Assembly Summer 2019

Pasila, Helsinki

The most important info about getting to Messukeskus can be found here:
in English
in Finnish

The links above have pretty much all the info you need to get to the venue by public transportation. All trains stop at Pasila station and the venue is a 5-minute walk away from the station. There are many signs that will help you reach the venue, just follow the signs that say "Messukeskus".

Head over to our Discord server's SGU accomodation channel if you have questions about travelling!




Tech, submissions ~ Javeliin#0623
Volunteering ~ telajänis#5955
Social media ~ Saallotar#4759



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