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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
JaveliinJaveliin DuckTales (NES) Any% 0:10:00 NES USA Link Neat and short platformer for NES. Has skips and RNG galore, what every good run consists of. 0 Whole event #organizerhell
JaveliinJaveliin Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly 2 Players 1 Controller 0:05:00 GCN EUR Link Because memes die hard. If we're actually serious for a moment it's a curious case of very bad planning and foresight from the developer's to have the end of the game accessible within the first minute of gameplay, if you know what to do. Jupetsu 0 The whole game should be an incentive, let's see what we end up with. Whenever.
Jupe_Jupe_ Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped 0:55:00 PC Link The game and run does differ from original C3 but it is also faithful to it's original grandfather. Lots of different movement, the levels have lots of variation in platforming, swimming, racing and flying. Also 2 major skips, one of which is done blind (screen will be black) so the skip will be done based on audio only! Last marathon I had some unnormal deaths, since I had to focus 100% on commentating too. This time another NST runner, BunnyPower, is coming to the event and commentating with me. 5 Donation goal: Beat Future Tense Future Tense is a completely new level, made only for the NST remake. Estimated time for this is 3 minutes. I will be leaving to Amsterdam saturday morning. I am attending a youth camp for stuttering people as a faciliator. This means I can NOT play after friday, so if you can give me an run an friday afternoon for example, it would be great! Thanks guys!
NikneimNikneim Sniper Elite V2 Any% Co-op 1:10:00 PC Link Co-op with Arzga. The game features running, gunning and some hot sniper action with a tiny hint of glitches thrown in there. Coordination and communication is key in this WWII thriller of a game and we communicate so damn well together, it's going to be a blast. We hold (to our knowledge) the current WR of the category from some years ago. We're relearning the game and with the release of the Remastered version, our estimate may change depending on which version we decide to run. Remaster isn't out yet, so we'll figure out if it's better to run compared to the original. Arzga 0 We're available throughout the event, depending on organizer duties.
KainaloKainalo Yooka-Laylee Any% 0:20:00 PC Link Good game to run at eventis. Short and tightky packed with tricks and strats. I can also do proper technical commentary during it so wouldn't be silent either. Somewhat marathon safe 2 64-bit tonic incentive. Degrades textures and adds a CRT filter. Whole event. Excluding volunteering and other runs
[Deleted user] Hitman: Absolution Max Ratings 1:30:00 PC KOR Link The run is actually pretty alright. Estimate may be excessive. I reserve the right to run a better game instead. 0 Probably not the first day.
KainaloKainalo hhGregg's Quest for Coupons Any% 0:15:00 PC Link Super cool and fun meme game. Tons of fun memes and such. Has a lot of cool movement tech and is actually a proper game to some degree. 0 Whole event. Excluding volunteering and other runs
KainaloKainalo Pat & Mat Car repair 0:05:00 PC Link Pat & Mat. Cool short meme if the 1h one is too long. Linked video is from the masterrace% WR but car repair% is the first 3mins of that run. Don't have a proper vid for it yet sadly. But its the same run anyways. 0 Player name and color Whole event
StarwiseStarwise Bounce Tales Any% 0:10:00 Java Link Bounce Tales is a platforming game for... old Nokia phones...? Yup that's right, we're bringing the forefront of mobile gaming to a speedrunning marathon near you! 0 Preferrably Friday after noon. Saturday could also work, but might overlap with the Tetris competition.
firefytefirefyte Loom Any% (VGA) 0:30:00 MS-DOS Link Loom is a story driven adventure game for DOS published by Lucasfilm games in 1990. It most likely has never been run at a marathon, and many people don't understand that there is plenty to optimize and (not) do to warrant a speedrun. The game also has multiple difficulties and can be played in EGA (2 minutes faster) or VGA (with voice acting). We can also show the 'ask me about loom' voiced segment from The Secret of Monkey Island before the game, as it adds value for those that haven't played the game. 2 Bidwar for VGA/EGA or difficulty level (expert is more entertaining, as you don't see the drafts). EGA is faster by 2 minutes, no difference for the various difficulty levels. Preferable the same day as pet the dog, but hopefully no preference.
AldrielAldriel Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Randomizer Glitchless Spike Breaker 2:00:00 PS1 USA Link During March Wild Mouse ported Skiffain's Relic Randomizer, and added equipment and starting equipment randomizing into it. It has been extensively raced by the SotN community, and we want to show it off. The community has come up with rules to make the randomizer entertaining to run. We run a "Glitchless Spike breaker" ruleset, No glitches allowed, and not grabbing the silver ring before getting Spike breaker. This kind of run requires extensive knowledge of relics and has multiple routing decisions based on what relics you get. Depending on the seed a run can take from under an hour to around two hours. Currently the average completion time is 1 hour and 22 minutes for me. 0 Filename (8 characters), possibly a seed name for the randomization. Late Friday to Sunday
EzioponyEziopony EarthBound Boogey% 1:25:00 SNESClassic EUR Link Earthbound is really quirky and fun game to play and watch. As far I know, I'm the only person in Finland currently speedrunning it (but please don't quote me on that! '^^) 2 Donation goal for a complete glitchless run (+5 hours) Bidwars: frame color, character names and main attack name (6 total) I'll be available anytime on the 3rd and 4th of august.
EidgodEidgod Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Any% 1:20:00 PC JPN Link Because Tomp is best and people love it. It also is a good speed game. 0 Donation Goal: Feeding the doggo. Does not really add extra time. All days probably, if it changes i will make sure to notify the necessary people.
EidgodEidgod Tomb Raider II Any% 1:10:00 PC Link Most popular tomp game in existence that is also utterly broken. 0 Again probably all days.
EidgodEidgod The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth Evil Campaign 1:20:00 PC Link A very nice RTS game that offers LotR nostalgia while providing interesting gameplay. 0 Again probably all days.
Samura1manSamura1man Super Mario Sunshine 120 Shines 3:20:00 Wii JPN Link 120 Shines beats the whole game! Over 3 hours long run shows lots of different strats that are barely seen in other categories, even small glitches. 0 Any day, preferably during a day/evening hours.
Samura1manSamura1man The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Any% 0:45:00 Switch EUR Link Since games release it didn't have too many big glitches to showcase during a speedrun. Now in 2019 the community for this game has grown a lot, new glitches has been discovered, routes has been getting better in terms of having new glitches! Any% beats the game as fast as possible and it has gone from 40 minutes to 30 minutes over past year! I haven't speedrun this game since 2017 or so, but I'm willing to relearn this game and show it in SGU2019! 5 Any day, preferably during a day/evening hours.
KainaloKainalo Atlantis The Lost Empire: Trial by Fire Trial by Fire 0:25:00 PC EUR Link 2nd campaign of the game and a more longer/diverse one. Janky as hell so final time can vary a lot depending on how the game wants to act. Also with Finnish dub as the dub is hilarious at times. Tldr; Fun FPS run with funny moments but also harsh gameplay. 0 Whole event
AmadAmad Blaster Master Any% Warpless 0:38:00 NES JPN Link Last year I ran the any% category. Warpless shows the entire game with even more amazing tricks and plenty of impossible jumps! 3 Weekend, Saturday preferred. Ideally in some NES block.
JaveliinJaveliin Jumping Flash! Any% 0:26:00 PS1 JPN Link Jumping Flash is a very early entry in the PS1 library. It's a first person platformer/shooter with glorious tank controls. Goal of each level is to collect 4 carrots ("Jetpods") and go to the exit platform. The game is quite short and in my opinion, highly underrated. And what would a game called "Jumping Flash" be without impressive jumps; this game allows you to jump three times, making it possible to cover large gaps and heights. Style is quite unique with a lot of charm (low poly ftw) and this game truly needs exposure. Oh and the soundtrack is great. 0 Whole event
ZasZas Snake's Revenge Any% 1:05:00 NES USA Link Because Snake is great, run actually has a lot of variety even though it only has 2 actual glitches, bosses have fun quality nes level strats. The game has risks but a decent amount of checkpoints making it hard to completely kill a run, on bad rng it could take a few minutes extra at worst. PB is already done using the least rng involved strat (aka picking up extra health which is like 30s at worst while rng can take minutes). Might learn MGS 1 too and submit it idk. 0 1.-4. but probably have to leave sometime on the 4th.
Koston_Koston_ Metal Slug Arcade 0:15:00 AES USA Link It's a good speedrun and I'm good at it. It's not on SRC leaderboard, because I deleted my account long ago and recreated it now just to submit the run to you. I ran this a year ago for RGL Retrothon, the recording is available here: 0 Metal Slug 2 run: Whenever, but preferably not in the forenoon because of sleeping.
wakecoldwakecold DUSK Any% 0:30:00 PC Link This is a relatively unknown but great quake-like/doom-like game that is fast. Submitting it early to see if theres any interest, since I havent learned it completely. Category is still not set, since the different difficulty settings might be set, so I might play on easiest for fastest time or play on "ultra-violence" for real experience, still havent figured that out. 0 landing in helsinki on aug 1st 19:30
BunnyP0werSRBunnyP0werSR Gravity Rush Remastered Any% 1:40:00 PS4 EUR Link Gravity Rush is a very unique and great game. I think it would help diversify the games list in the marathon. Also the run is fast-paced expect for a few parts which are ideal for donations and such. From my point of view, I'd like to reach out to the people in hopes of getting more Gravity Rush community members. Our community is very sweet and helpful, but for the time being it is also quite small. 0 My days are all empty for the duration of the event so I'm fine with whatever time I get. Night time is completely fine too. If both of my runs (Crash 1 all gems and GRR Any%) get in, I'd like them to be a few hours apart at least, so I can practice both without having to share my focus with both games.
XunningXXunningX Cuphead All Bosses 0:40:00 PC EUR Link Cuphead is an absolutely amazing game and very viewer friendly too. While the gameplay is easy to follow, there are many intricate tricks the runners have to do in order to optimize every single boss fight. The pace of the game is pretty fast, stimulating and interesting to watch. Kaleva 8 We could do another speedrun in another category if some goal was met, at least I would be able to do a solo run. It would take another 35min to do the run though. I dont think there are alot of short things to showcase.
KainaloKainalo Katana ZERO All Stages 0:25:00 PC Link Really cool looking run of a new game with semi random enemy spawns so it can go wrong. Fast paced and I guarantee people would love to see it (maybe). 0 Secret boss. Adds around 5min Whole event
takojakitakojaki Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis / Mega Drive) All Emeralds Glitchless 0:32:00 Genesis JPN Link Glitchless speedrun shows Sonic blasting through the levels instead of skipping them. This is rarely seen category where things can easily go horribly wrong. 0 Glitch exhibition (10 minutes) Available on Saturday. Thursday and Friday also ok, but this can always change.
TohelotTohelot Styx: Shards of Darkness New Game + 0:52:00 PC EUR Link I want to showcase Styx-game(s) because they are not well known by the public. And there are cool out of bounds and databases yet again, even more with New Game+. I also try to learn the first Styx game (Styx: Master of Shadows) so i could run both games, but i have to submit in the next round. 5 With my current schedule, i am available saturday and sunday any time of the day.
NattyNatty Crash Team Racing Any% (No Major Glitches) 0:55:00 PS2 USA Link Pull said it was ok to submit this. *Will probably do a run with Dingo so that's cool. My PB is with Coco. 0 Whole event, I think
AldrielAldriel Celeste Any% 1:00:00 PC Link Celeste is a platformer with tight mechanics and punishing difficulty. The speedrun is fast paced with tight inputs. It is a great run to watch as a spectator. 0 See SotN submission
Skeleton_JellySkeleton_Jelly Titanfall 2 Any% 1:36:00 PC Link Titanfall2 is a lost Source engine game, high octane movement and impressive tricks and more! The game is a mix between Half-Life and Mirror's Edge, with wallkicks and Source strafing. 6 Kill or Spare the MRVN bidwar in Beacon ch.2. If you kill the MRVN, it's fast. Sparing it results in an animation where you take the Arc Tool nicely from its hands, and the MRVN being "sad". Sparing the MRVN is 10 seconds slower. Video reference: I'm available on Friday through Sunday, Thursday is not guaranteed, I will arrive in Helsinki after 19:00.
BunnyP0werSRBunnyP0werSR Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Crash Bandicoot 1:45:00 PS4 EUR Link All gems. Crash Bandicoot is quite a popular game. And personally I think Crash 1 all gems is the best category across all three original games. Also forming a Crash Block with Jupe sounds dope! 0 An undefined amount of donations towards me playing with Coco instead of Crash. Pretty much any time during the event, but if possible: separated with my Gravity Rush run (if it gets in) for individual practice time.
PullPull The Typing of the Dead Arcade% 0:30:00 PC USA Link 'cause Jave might provide a dreamcast and i'll get to type on a horrid membrane and moan about it the entire time while also losing my mind over hydra questions having arcane answers 5 that dumb thing i did last time with someone voicing out the words and i type them out in the typing speed mode call it Typing of the Deaf all (for now????)
VPPVPP Pingu : Sekai de ichiban genki na penguin Any% 0:15:00 GB JPN Link 4-day adventure featuring intense fishing, platforming, ice hockey and a snowball fight! 0
PullPull Crash Bash 2 Player Any% 2:00:00 PS2 USA Link crash bash is a testament to human persistence and everyone in finland is aware of the fact. every time one thinks of the greatest speedrunners gathering together to showcase their craft, they can't help but wonder; "when IS bash? i feel content with all this consistently fast-paced action, but where's the real gauntlet of culminated horseshit that inspires countless generations of community culture and strengthens human spirit?" you might have thought ctr was the ultimate test of expertise deserving of a yearly showing, but the truth lies hidden beneath being able to see beyond blinding anger Bensagram 0 all (for now????????)
TimopyTimopy Defy Gravity Normal 0:17:00 PC EUR Link Cool, fast, simple to understand, exciting, skadoosh whammy wham! 0 all the time babyyy
TimopyTimopy La-Mulana Remake Any% no Laptop Glitch 1:55:00 PC EUR Link A cult classic, one of the most unique games created. Cool trix, lots of clipping and trix, best music of all time, very complicated routing that will be fun to explain. 0 Get the seashell that makes a melody every time a puzzle is solved or a trap activated (will be hearing them a lot). Takes from a few seconds to max a minute, depending on luck with a weigh drop. all day and night erry day babyy
TimopyTimopy The Stalin Subway: Red Veil All Chapters Easy 0:10:00 PC EUR Link The legend returns (again) 0 anytime for u babes
VonRufiouVonRufiou Mega Man 2 Any% Difficult 0:35:00 NES JPN Link We were supposed to have this race in Finnruns but work got in the way so gonna try to do it this time. Not many races in Finnish marathons so that is extra. Amad 3 Put it where other retro stuff and our runs are.
VonRufiouVonRufiou Gimmick! Any% 0:15:00 NES JPN Link It's has never been in ran in SGU. Very fast paced and cool speedrun. Has glitches and movement strats that are interesting to watch and fun to do. 3 Not this time but for next year I have ideas. Close to other nes runs.
PolariPolari Mega Man All stages 0:25:00 NES JPN Link super serial speedrun 0
KalevaKaleva Hollow Knight True Ending 1:45:00 PC Link In Hollow Knight's true ending no major glitches category you get to experince the whole main storyline of the game. In the end of the main storyline we essentially defeat the source of the infection that plagues Hallownest. Run itself is interesting and exciting to watch because of increasing difficulty and limited abilities. Compared to any% in this run we go against multiple different bosses and their dream versions. We also clear the glorious platforming puzzle section in the White Palace. Hollow Knight's beautiful graphics and soundtrack offer a great experience for viewers and true ending NMG is an excellent category to show off the game. 0 Certain incentive reached -> I'll also do Path of Pain platforming puzzle after the run. Any day.
sbvsbv ShootMania Storm Hard Obstacle Map Showcase 0:45:00 PC Link Obstacle, a custom gamemode, showcases the incredibly diverse and advanced movement that not many people knew existed in ShootMania, a game mostly known as a forgotten multiplayer shooter. The run showcases 4 different custom maps - all difficult, but all very optimised as well. Fast-paced FPS action! Attached is my video submission that I also used for ESA Summer 2019 submissions (sorry for the confusion with the title/greeting). 2 One-Handed Level 5 - changes the 5th level of Step by Step, the first map of the showcase, to a one-handed showoff where I'll do the entire level with mouse only, using rockets to move. +1 minute to the run. Glitch Showcase - a special map that showcases a few funny or interesting glitches in the game - some easier, some harder to do. +4 minutes to the run. Both incentives are shown at the end of the video. I'm not sure about the donation goals - probably nothing extreme as the game is relatively unknown. Any day/time works
UltimaOmega07UltimaOmega07 Grand Theft Auto III Any% 1:15:00 PC EUR Link Cool run lots of glitches and always some random bs happening in marathon runs :) 5 Whole event most likely
PullPull Pole Position Beat the game 0:05:00 PlugNPlay EUR Link rally 3d kimi räikkönen #formula Dragonforce 0 all
StarwiseStarwise Refunct Crouch% 0:07:00 PC Link Refunct is a platforming game that was already shown off at Finnruns this year. This time around we're doing the game with holding the crouch key down the entire way, trying to get around the extra challenge of keeping sliding momentum. The run also utilizes a trick known as New Game Glitch, allowing us to beat objectives out of order. 0 Preferrably Friday after noon. Saturday could also work, but might overlap with the Tetris competition.
ShinzuiiShinzuii Super Mario 64 70 Star 1:00:00 N64 USA Link Awesome speedgame, lots of fun mechanics, loads of fun to watch. :) 0 I could do a 16-star run for a donation goal. :) It includes lots of different mechanics from the 70 route. Preferably on the first or second day of the event. ALSO, RUN IS GOING TO BE PULLED OFF USING PROJECT 64 EMULATOR, NOT AN N64. ITS THE ONLY WAY I HAVE EXPERIENCE ON.
TimopyTimopy Zero-K Chickens [hard] (Chicken nugget v5) 0:25:00 PC EUR Link A wave defense game mode of an obscure, free, open source RTS. In Chickens the player fends off hordes of alien chickens, with the destruction of their queen being the end goal. I am the only person who has ran this. I have devised a simple yet effective three phase strategy that lets me overwhelm the chickens and destroy the queen incredibly fast, noisily and laggily. Video was supposed to have commentary but something happened, don't have time to record a new one. 0 Build a nuclear silo and nuke a chicken nest. This will add around 0-5 minutes depending on how fast I can construct the nuclear silo. (I might have to stop the aggression while constructing the nuke, which will take three minutes) all day all night
drsenseihugodrsenseihugo DuckTales: Remastered PC 1:00:00 PC EUR Link To my knowledge, DuckTales: Remastered hasn't been featured in SGU or Finnruns before, and has been seen very rarely in other speedrunning events such as GDQ. Running this game as a race in an event such as SGU would be extraordinary in my opinion. Also because it's still a great platformer. KarvaRausku 1 Playing the game using the old 8-bit soundtrack. I will be available at the event from around 10am on Thursday till the event's end at around 2pm. I think KarvaRausku will be better available on Friday till event's end. I think the best times for us to run would be from 2pm to around 4am (2pm is the earliest beginning time, 4am is the latest ending time).
NoobestNoobest Doom II 0:40:00 PC BRA Link Doom is a good speedrun, Doom 2 is an even better one with more speedstrats. Also it's god damn DOOM. 0 Whenever
JazzyJazzy Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Any% Nosferatu 1:05:00 PC Link Source run, fast, vampires 0 all event

Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Incentives Availability Date  
carskacarska Resident Evil Remake Randomizer race (Exhibition) 2:00:00 Link Is Barry really a tyrant? Are sharks waiting for you behind the next corner? Only way to find out is to watch this insane race. Javeliin 0
JazzyJazzy Doom All secrets 1:20:00 PC Link Game's good No idea whether or not I'll have enough time/drive to actually learn this yet. Will keep you posted 0 All days probably
carskacarska Resident Evil: Survivor New Game Easy 0:40:00 PS1 JPN Link Game is as bad as it is hilarious, bad FPS even back in the day. Mechanics are clunky, AI is obnixious, voice acting is your expected RE quality and there is explosion at the end of the game, what else you can ask for?! It is part of the RE Survivor trilogy, and I can play it as a single game or do all of the three games in a row. 0
carskacarska Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica Any% 0:17:00 PS2 JPN Link Second part of the RE trilogy! Literally game nobody asked for, this was a arcade gungame game in Japan and they decided to throw this game to home consoles. Like it's predecessor, this game provides more fun than quality game play to the marathon. It is fast, it is simple and it is funny (for watchers at least). My run will be done on real console instead of emulator which I showcase here. It is part of the RE Survivor trilogy, and I can play it as a single game or do all of the three games in a row. 0 I can show cockroach mode if needed, takes like 7-8 minutes. It is just stupid mode where you blow up cockroaches with bazooka...
carskacarska Resident Evil: Dead Aim New Game Easy 0:32:00 PS2 JPN Link Finally, a decent RE survivor game! Last part of the said trilogy and it is action packed game, where the optimization comes to the movement and cutting corners right, and getting bosses down with precious few gun shots. By far best game on the trilogy and I really enjoy showcasing this game, since RE spinoff games are not that well known. It is part of the RE Survivor trilogy, and I can play it as a single game or do all of the three games in a row. 0
Samura1manSamura1man Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:25:00 Wii JPN Link It doesn't get enough love nowadays, despite of having active runners. I can provide entertaining and well explained speedrun. 5 Any day, preferably during a day/evening hours.
Samura1manSamura1man Super Mario Sunshine Any% Hoverless 1:40:00 Wii JPN Link Any% Hoverless hasn't been shown in events that much before, I believe only once it's been shown years ago. This category adds a little bit extra challenge to some shines, it shows every stages properly, no major skips will be seen. 5 Any day, preferably during a day/evening hours.
Jupe_Jupe_ NotTheNameWeWanted Any% Normal 0:10:00 PC Link Short run, nice meme. 0 2.-4.
drsenseihugodrsenseihugo The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Harp 1:45:00 Wii EUR Link Skyward Sword since it's release in 2011 has been featured very rarely in various speedrunning events, mainly due to it not being very known and it being a fairly long game. Harp% is an exception to this, only being 1/3rd the length of the any% run, and still showcasing cool glitches during the run. Just recently a huge game breaking glitch was found, cutting down the any% category by over an hour, and Harp% by 30mins. SGU would be the first speedrunning event to feature this game being showcased with it's new glitches if it gets in. 1 Bidwar suggestion for at best 8 character names (SPACE is a character as well), for example "bate", "my dude", or something that the staff finds funny. Donation incentive for an additional "Glitched Speedrun" that lasts for ~10mins after the main speedrun. Prep time required is ~3ish minutes. Showcase here: I will be at the event area every day from 1-4th, on Thursday from ~10am to Sunday ~2pm. I would prefer if my run was after 12pm and before 4am (Meaning ends at 4am at best).