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Submitted. Sounds like an excellent cause, hope I can get a run in SeemsGood


I have a few questions:
1) Is there a discord?
2) When will we know if our run is accepted or not? I need time to practice

Other than that, I submitted a run 4Head


The schedule should be out on February 16th. and there is a discord that you'll get a link for if you get a game in 🙂


Where does this take place?


yes it an online marathon so you would stream from your house to the marathon


Okay, thanks! I submitted. 🙂


Also, what time does the marathon start/end? You stated the date, but not the time or the timezone.


it would start at noon EST but when the schedule is out it adjust to your time zone so there is no worries


I submitted. I didn't see an option to post runs although I can easily send them if needed. Also, I wouldn't do all 4 runs in the marathon. 1 or 2 should be fine for me.


I might have submitted a bit late for comfort but I just find out about this marathon! SeemsGood