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Being that each version has it's own changes, which version is the one to use for an arcade run? I know the USA version is the current tournament format due to the additional characters and other balance changes. Also can a 100% category be added as well for doing a run against all 9 opponents (both your hidden mid boss and shin akuma)?

Is the mister version considered not EMU? I thought the core wasn't even finished yet. It's getting there, but the audio definitely sounds off compared to the hardware version.


You may use any official revision of the game, including all Alpha 2, Zero 2, and Zero 2 Alpha roms.
If there is any kind of advantage to using one rom over another, it is seen as a "routing choice". It must be a version that was at one point officially released in the arcades however, if the tournament version you are talking about happens to be a rom-hack then it won't be allowed.

The Mister can have roms loaded onto it the same way an emulator can, so it has access to all of the official revisions the same way MAME does. As far as it being "beta" .. its only really "beta" because it doesnt support ALL the CPS2 games yet. Once a game is supported it's going to be cycle accurate to the real thing. As I understand it, the sound issue is a minor thing which doesnt effect the actual processes of the game and should already be fixed now according to a twitter post jotego made a while back.

As for a 100% category, I think its something we can add if there is proven interest in the community. I'll ask the other mods what they think. If anyone else has any opinions on adding a 100% category feel free to reply to this post.