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So it occurred to me that at the end of every level, fox asks for all aircrafts to report. That being said if you wer to shoot down ur Falco, Slippy, or peppy, they won't report causing u to skip their dialogue. Wouldn't this allow someone to save time by a few seconds if they did shot down the 3 other pilots?


It's a nice thought, and I'm not gonna lie, I've thought of similar things myself, but it won't make a difference. ROB speaks on their behalf, and the cutscene ends up being the same length anyways. The only stage that if might make a difference is one where the cutscene can lag the game, such as Corneria or Sector Z. You should kill your wingmates in Sector Z anyways, and you don't want more than one alive for Katina, so the routing can't really change for wing-mate kills.

tl;dr: It won't make a difference.


Ok cool thanks for ur response.