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Can someone give me the link for “World: Continents (no Antarctica)”? I can only find the base quiz.

Unless it actually is the base quiz, in which case I’m dumb.


It is available in the following languages, just change "it" with another country domain:

Irish (ga)
Croatian (hr)
Hungarian (hu)
Indonesian (id)
Italian (it)
Lithuanian (lt)
Polish (pl)
Portuguese (pt)
Russian (ru)
Samoan (sm)
Albanian (sq)
Serbian (sr)
Turkish (tr)
Uzbek (uz)
Chinese (zh)

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I was doing a run of Seterra and a glitch happened and gave a incredible good time (001 ms) but I have 0%, since in run we need to have 100% I don't know what you want to do with it, I will upload the video proof anytime soon. And I would like to request a new ILs = Scandinavia: States. Here is the link to the quiz : https:/​/​online.​seterra.​com/​uz/​vgp/​3025


@DemataPyroDemataPyro The score glitch is not allowed. The map you played in english language is called "The Nordic Countries" so you can submit your runs on that level map https:/​/​online.​seterra.​com/​en/​vgp/​3025

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Oh, okay thank you I didn't know that, it's really kind of you. And I also an occidental Europe flag and Oriental europe flag quiz, in Uzbek. I don't find them on the leaderboard. Thank you, I really appreciate it.


You can just change "uz" to "en" in the link to find how it's called in english 🙂

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