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Seterra Forum  /  Why is using the alt shortcuts so frustrating?

It is so hard to quickly reset/skip with the shortcuts because for some reason, on BOTH my laptops there seems to be a random chance that whatever alt shortcut inputted fails to work and continues failing to work until I spam click on the screen and try again. This is especially apparent for typing challenges, but even for mouse challenges it creates so much unnecessary pain.
One thing I have noticed after suffering trying to use the "short"cuts for so long is that, oddly, the three vertical dots on the very rightmost point in line with the url box (I use Google Chrome on both my laptops by the way) will have a thin blue circle around it whenever the issue occurs, and it seems that it may be tied to either how long I hold the button for (my standard right now is like almost a full second or two but even that often fails to consistently work), and something about pressing the alt key harder/earlier than the lettered key, but I couldn't find anything in the Chrome browser settings relating to "shortcuts" so I'm at a loss to what could be my issue.
Am I the only one experiencing this issue?


Before you alt+r, please make sure you clicked on the "map area thing or idk" thing is.


wow. i have literally been tabbing and shift tabbing. alt+r....
mind blowing.


That's my issue, I have to click on the map area repeatedly just to use the reset shortcut once. It won't stop selecting the three dot menu no matter how long or short I hold the buttons for nor which button (alt or r) I try pressing first (since it's impossible for me to press them both at the EXACT same time, every time).
I have confirmed now through more focused experimentation that if I press the alt key on its own it ALWAYS does the menu thing, but even trying to press the r key before pressing the alt key it still is not consistent whether or not I have to spam click the map area a billion times just to continue the game.


try another browser and see if the issue is related to your installation of chrome.


Yeah, it looks like a problem with your browser.


You might want to try pressing ctrl before pressing alt. So, it will be ctrl+alt+R instead. This will still restart the game, but at least on my system, ctrl+alt does not cause the three dots to be selected